Next week Archie Comics will release Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1, a new one-shot featuring both new and reprinted stories celebrating the 60th anniversary of Greendale’s resident teen witch. The special features the debut appearance of Sabrina’s new nemesis, Amber Nightstone, another teen witch who happens to share the same birthday as Sabrina. Today The Beat is pleased to present an exclusive early first look at Amber Nightstone’s first appearance in a story by writer/artist Dan Parent, colorist Glenn Whitmore, and letterer Jack Morelli called “Celebration Vexation.”

Here’s how Archie Comics describes Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1:

We couldn’t possibly enter spooky season without celebrating Sabrina as much as possible! And we’re kicking off this spectacular with a BRAND NEW Sabrina story that we guarantee will be the greatest Sabrina Halloween story ever! In “Celebration Vexation!” It’s Sabrina’s birthday and she’s celebrating her day—with an epic battle against her nemesis, a BRAND NEW character named AMBER NIGHTSTONE! Amber is an evil witch born at exactly the same time as Sabrina. Only one witch born that day may live amongst mortals, and Amber wants her turn, so she has to erase Sabrina from history! All that plus a collection of classic-style spell-binding stories!

Speaking to The Beat about Amber Nightstone’s introduction, Archie Comics editor-in-chief Mike Pellerito spoke a bit more about the story, and about the process of creating an all-new character for the world of Sabrina:

“Amber is more powerful than Sabrina; she’s an obsessed student of magic and jealous of Sabrina’s natural ease and fame in the magical world. Her goal is to basically erase her and turn the people she cares about against her. She’s the dark to Sabrina’s light.”

“For most of what I do, I try to get input from the team at Archie; [Senior Director of Editorial] Jamie Rotante had some great feedback with [Art Director] Vin Lovallo‘s early designs, and with Dan Parent handling the first appearance and final look, I feel we have a perfect start. Tania Del Rio writes her second appearance, and with two stories so far, I can’t wait for the readers to see if we have captured a little magic!”

Check out a two-page preview of “Celebration Vexation”, as well as a character sheet with more information about Amber Nightstone, below. Sabrina Anniversary Celebration #1 is set to arrive in stores and digitally next Wednesday, September 7th.