In the upcoming Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 one-shot from Archie Comics, arriving  at your Local Comic Shop beginning on September 7th, 2022, Sabrina Spellman will face off against an all-new adversary: Amber Nightstone! In the all-new story “Celebration Vexation!” by Dan ParentGlenn Whitmore, and Jack Morelli, you’ll meet the new witch in town. But in the meantime, you can get your first look at the character right here, today at The Beat!

Meet Amber Nightstone

Meet Amber Nightstone

Here’s the description of the story from Archie Comics:

We couldn’t possibly enter spooky season without celebrating Sabrina as much as possible! And we’re kicking off this spectacular with a BRAND NEW Sabrina story that we guarantee will be the greatest Sabrina Halloween story ever! In “Celebration Vexation!” It’s Sabrina’s birthday and she’s celebrating her day—with an epic battle against her nemesis, a BRAND NEW character named AMBER NIGHTSTONE! Amber is an evil witch born at exactly the same time as Sabrina. Only one witch born that day may live amongst mortals, and Amber wants her turn, so she has to erase Sabrina from history! All that plus a collection of classic-style spell-binding stories! 

In the press release, Parent shared his thoughts on the creation of the character:

“The creation of Amber Nightstone is super fun because believe it or not, in Sabrina’s 60-year history, she’s never had a true nemesis. Sure, she’s had her adversaries in the past, but Amber is basically the evil version of Sabrina. And Amber is tired of being cast aside and wants her time in the limelight. So now as Sabrina turns 60, we enter a whole new realm of fun!”

And Archie Comics Editor-In-Chief Mike Pellerito shared his thoughts on Amber Nightstone, as well:

“I started referring to her as ‘Dark Sabrina,’ and that’s where the thinking was originally. Sabrina has a great cast of characters in the comics but didn’t have a magical teen rival until now. That’s how I think of the cast of characters: Is there a way to challenge something established? Do we need someone who can do something different and give us some fun story points? Having Dan Parent on this kind of thing is great; he’s a (not so) secret weapon!”

Arriving this autumn

In addition to the new story featuring Nightstone, the one-shot will also feature several reprinted milestone stories from throughout Sabrina’s 60-year history.

Will you be picking up a copy of the Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular? The Beat is waiting to hear from you! Let us know, either by whispering into a veil-covered mirror after midnight, or giving us a shout-out on social media @comicsbeat.


  1. Bring back Thompson and the Fish’s! Those two series were absolutely great at capturing the classic Sabrina while bringing her into the 21st Century! This is a step backwards as is leaning into the CAOS stuff from a writer who can’t meet deadlines.

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