Announced in November 2021, a new subscription platform for digital comics, Zestworld, is entering the open beta phase. With a new website design that improves user experience by making it easier to discover comics on the platform and directly support creators, an open beta test invites public feedback.

“Users will be able to read new comics on the site for free,” the press release states. “At the same time, subscribers will get early access to the books, along with other creator-specific perks, including behind-the-scenes reveals, messages, invite-only events, virtual drawing sessions, and the potential to have your likeness featured in an upcoming comic.”


“We’ve spent the past several months testing, learning, and iterating alongside our fantastic launch creators while we build Zestworld into the premiere creator-owned vertical scroll comics platform,” said Zestworld CEO and Co-Founder Chris Giliberti, who has worked as the head of TV and Film at Spotify, founded Gimlet Media, and more before founding Zestworld. The “creator-first digital comics platform” claims to give creators greater control over the rights to their creations, which has attracted top-level talent to the company, including Alex SeguraMichael MoreciDean Kotz, Jason WordieJimmy PalmiottiAmanda ConnerPhil Jimenez, Eric Canete, and Peter Tomasi.

And now, Zestworld has announced that five more critically acclaimed writers and artists are joining the platform: David Marquez, Keith Champagne, Bill Walko, Liana Kangas, and Alejandra Murillo.

“Our creator waitlist has grown to encompass hundreds of the leading names in the industry. We’re delighted to emerge from closed beta and welcome new creators in waves. Next up: David Marquez, Liana Kangas, and Bill Walko, among others, will join us to publish comics, fulfill commissions and build their communities through Zestworld. From here, we plan to double the creator population on our platform each month to meet creator and fan demand and encourage any interested creators to sign up for our waitlist,” Gilberti said in the press release.

Details on the new creators:

  • David Marquez – Marquez will be releasing a new comic, The UnChosen, and will also be available for commissions. He is an Eisner Award-nominated and New York Times bestselling creator known for his work on such blockbuster Marvel and DC comic series as Miles Morales: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Civil War II, The Defenders, Batman/Superman, Justice League, Detective Comics, Batman: Killing Time, and his first creator-owned graphic novel, The Joyners In 3D.

  • Keith Champagne – Champagne will present his new comic Daybreak! and Zestworld will be the comics’ digital home. A creative jack-of-all-trades in the comic book industry, he is best known for his decades of writing and inking work on titles such as Aztec, World War III, Countdown: Arena, Ghostbusters, and more for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, and more.

  • Bill Walko – Walko, a comic book illustrator and animation artist, will be accepting digital commissions on the platform. His work has been published in DC Comics, Archie Comics, Dynamite Comics (Vampiverse), Image Comics (Stray Dogs), The New York Times (My Moments with Stan, How a Comics Reporter Uncovers Marvels), and many independent publishers.

  • Liana Kangas – An Eisner-nominated artist, Kangas, who will be seeking digital commissions on the platform, is a creator best known for her work on She Said Destroy by Vault, Star Wars Adventures, and other works with 2000AD, Black Mask Studios, as well as Ringo. Clients include Legendary Pictures, King Features, Z2, Mad Cave, Vices Press, and Scrappy Heart Productions.

  • Alejandra Murillo – An artist, illustrator, painter, color worshiper, and dragon lover, Murillo will accept digital commissions on Zestworld.

Aspiring creators can apply now by sharing their information and work on a form through the Zestworld website (here).