OUTCAST #1, the new book by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta has been a huge success, we’re told with orders surpassing The Walking Dead #128 with a print run of 86,000 copies. Even more impressive? The book shipped without ANY variants.

However it still shows up on the Diamond chart at #11 because 10% of the orders were subtracted because it shipped returnable.

There haven’t BEEN any returns, but that’s how Diamond runs the numbers, and even though the second printing was enormous, and there are more than 4000 copies on backorder, it still gets the returnability discount from Diamond.

Which, to be fair, is how they do things. It’s just that in this case it isn’t representative of how the book actually sold.

Personal to Chris Rice: nota bene

As for the book itself, it was a pretty groovy double sized first issue with a strong new lead character and some tasty art by Azaceta.

What did y’all think?


  1. I left WD after issue 100 ( ’cause of the ending and general tiredness) Happy for Kirkman though, he is a very capable writer and I will give the book a try. A zombie story for me after some time gets old, but his writing was always good and on a new book I could start reading him again.

  2. I suspect there were probably not many returns on Batman Eternal either, and so that title has most likely been charting too low for 4 issues a month for 3 months. As the article states, that’s how Diamond reports things.

    Are we sure about the 10% figure, though? I thought it somehow varied between 10% and 20%.

    So, great numbers for Image here, and I am already curious to see how issue #2 will chart next month, as well as reorder activity on issue #1.

  3. Outcast was a very generous (48 pages for $3) read, with a very creepy tale. The art style was sombre, creepy and contained. Colouring was creepy, cool and calculated. Well worth checking out this title.

  4. Was a surprise. I didn’t take to the art based on the Previews showing but the description left me curious enough to try it. The story and the art merged together into something quite nice. I am curious to see where it goes from here.

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