So far this year’s San Diego has been sounding pretty routine—no radical new venues or marketing efforts. But that was with 12 days to go. TNT just kicked it up a notch with the first ever AIRPORT takeover, this time for LEGENDS, a new spy show starring Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut and Tina Majorino. Upon landing, travelers will be met with “Legends imagery and messaging throughout the airport, including at baggage claim carousels and on escalators and skyway bridges. The Legends messaging will also extend to other parts of San Diego, with eye-catching billboards in the Gaslamp Quarter.”

And the show is getting its own hashtag: #DontKillSeanBean because Boromir and Ned Stark.

Nice branding people. So far you win.

All art is renderings; I’m sure the reality will be even more impressive.


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