Just last week, Netflix pulled the plug on the beleaguered (though, by all accounts, improving) Iron Fist, though they did so with a seemingly hopeful note for fans of the show:


It sounded like wishful thinking to help soothe any potential hurt feelings within the fanbase, but tonight the next domino fell as the streaming giant opted to cancel Luke Cage right behind it.

Cage, which has been met with slightly better critical notices than Iron Fist, is a bit of a surprise axing – but there are two likely scenarios here:

  1. Disney has their streaming service coming online soon, and they’re wanting to bring everything related to the Marvel banner under their umbrella. If Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones all get canned, and Runaways gets pulled from Hulu, etc…then you have your answer…but…
  2. …much more likely, is that Netflix and Marvel Television is just combining both Cage and Iron Fist into one Heroes for Hire series, which makes sense. Iron Fist seems to have been building a head of steam finally in its closing episodes of the previous season, so there’s already a foundation to build off of for a much bigger story, as well as Luke’s new status quo. Could be a good place to find these two heroes crossing paths once again.

There’s also the question of if Netflix and Marvel fill that empty fifth slot with another series. Perhaps Misty Knight and Colleen Wing will team up for that Daughters of the Dragon show that fans are clamoring for. Or perhaps something totally new is around the corner…

Either way, Netflix had one more message to pass along:



  1. Sweet Christmas!
    Any new Netflix/Marvel production is essentially a promotion for Netflix’s imminent competition from Disney. So Netflix would invest in new shows why?
    The shows are canceled on Netflix. If they’re not picked up by Disney for their service I’ll plotz.

  2. Disney’s streaming service won’t have any R-Rated/mature material so won’t/can’t pick up the Marvel/Netflix series.

  3. “Disney’s streaming service won’t have any R-Rated/mature material so won’t/can’t pick up the Marvel/Netflix series.”

    Disney is expected to launch more than one streaming service — one (or two) with family-friendly Disney-type material, and another one (or two) with more mature content such as the Fox library.

    If production resumes on Iron Fist and Luke Cage, it’ll be up to Disney to make them family-friendly or “adult content.” It’s movies in theaters where Disney has a “no R ratings” dictate.

  4. Regardless of whether or not all the Marvel based shows are cancelled by Netflix, I’m still keeping my account open for their adult based fare such as Bojack Horseman, Big Mouth, and F is for Family. I’ve grown fond of them of late,

    And don’t forget, Umbrella Academy is on its’ way in February.

    All hope is not abandoned.



  5. Some interesting comments about streaming from Vox’s Todd VanDerWerff, after the terrible news that the classic-movie streaming service Filmstruck is shutting down:

    “I still see lots of people in my rough demographic bracket saying, of movies in theaters, ‘I’ll just wait for Netflix,’ when it’s increasingly clear that movie is never going to Netflix. It’s going to [corporate-affiliated streaming service to be named later].”


    “If you’re Warner Bros., and you own the rights to Citizen Kane AND Casablanca AND Tim Burton’s Batman AND etc., etc., etc. — you’d be silly to sell those off to Netflix and not just start your own service.

    “Netflix foresaw this years ago. Hence all the originals.”

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