One of the more interesting aspects of Marvel’s relaunch is how involved some of the creators have been in discussing their craft with fans. While Jonathan Hickman’s formspring account has been pinging away daily with fresh questions from Namor and Black Panther shippers, several other writers have set up frequent ‘annotations’ after the release of each issue. It’s rather interesting, if you’ll permit me to slip into British excitement. Rather sodding well interesting indeed, chaps. I’ll briefly run through the various writers and books you can catch up on, as a quick Sunday treat:


Matt Fraction seemed to kick off this practise of walking people through the new issues with posts about his Hawkeye series. The most recent of them was for issue #6 – swears ahead! These proved so successful that he’s now started doing the same for FF. 

This led of course to Kieron Gillen taking up the challenge quickly afterwards, with some annotations for his new Iron Man series.

Which has now led to Si Spurrier setting up a Tumblr account just to talk about X-Men Legacy.

Who will be next?