Amidst a Hurricane Sandy-fuel hiatus, the third installment of HAPPINESS, a biannual art and comic anthology set to expose and spread a refreshing breadth of talent, is finally completed and ready to make its debut TONIGHT at NYC’s Cake Shop.

Originally set to debut at BCGF, HAPPINESS #3 was pushed back due to delays in printing, although creator Leah Wishnia has proved that the extended downtime has run in the anthology’s favor, as the issue is packed to the rim with impressive showcases from a diverse list of contributing artists, some very recognizable and other international artists making their first appearance in this New York-based anthology.

Happiness #3 is 88 b&w comic pages, 36 full-color pages in the middle, and then another 88 b&w comic pages (so, 208 pages total). It’s also a flip-book, so the second half is upside down and backwards from the first. There are over 50 artists in this issue.

Lala Albert // Pat Aulisio // Tim Beckhardt // Andrew Bell // Heather Benjamin // Lincoln Bostian // Krysta Brayer // Noah Butkus //Melissa Cha // Zach Collins // Rudolfo da Silva // Erina Davidson // A. Degen // Abraham Díaz // Alison Dubois // Toren Falck //Sophia Foster Dimino // Jack Hayden // Thomas Hunter // Amanda Konishi // Whitney Kimball // Peter Lazarski // Anthony Meloro //Clare O’Sullivan // Laura Perez-Harris // Andrew Pratt // Bethany Price // Jason Roy // Karissa Sakumoto // Clay Schiff // Zejian Shen// Aaron Shunga // Thomas Toye // Lydia Tyburski // Hiromi Ueyoshi // Leah Wishnia // Dena Zilber

See for yourself the medley of art and comics in these previews Leah graciously has provided…

sophia foster dimino - in camera garrett young - snowflake mike taylor - faded acres abraham diaz - the walmart molester peter shear - untitled - color Max Clotfelter - Class collision White Swallows - Title page 1of2 kim westfall - blah blah blah black - color Aimee Lusty - Spaced out Leah Wishnia - Sister we must persist in this

If you’re free tonight, swing by this momentous DOUBLE release by Happines #3 and another anthology, Chromazoid #2, tonight at the Cake Shop. Check out the event listing here as well as the always intriguing Happiness website.