Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy is coming back in a second graphic novel this year, called Astronaut Academy, and First Second is running it as a webcomic prior to the book release.

A fast paced manga-inspired comedy about the adventures and romances at a school for young space-farers, ASTRONAUT ACAEDMY stars a student named Hakata Soy. The story line involves some sinister romance:

{S}omething is stalking the halls of Astronaut Academy, impersonating everyone’s crush-objects and making off with their extra hearts!  How can the students continue to learn (and have crazy adventures, sometimes having to do with bears, dinosaurs, and/or spelling bees) when they’re too woozy to get out of bed?  Will Hakata Soy be able to save the day even in his weakened state?  And isn’t eating peoples’ hearts kind of gross? 

 A new page of the comic—which is all ages—will be published every weekday, with the book due in May. First Second has been using the webcomic prior to print model with numerous books, including Faith Erin Hicks Friends with Boys and Mark Siegel’s Sailor Twain.



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