Every few years Diamond lines up a celebrity spokesperson for Free Comic Book Day and this year its Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who is an admitted “lifelong comic book fan.” I found this one persuasive than the first one I can remember, a sun bleared Hugh Jackman.

Hamill is well known for his voice acting as the Joker and has been playing The tRickster on The Flash to good notices. He also wrote a few comics in his day, including The Black Pearl for Dark Horse. HE will appear later this year in Star Wars: The Force wakens, a sequel to what is perhaps his best known role.

This year’s FCBD festivities take place on May 2nd. A record 5.6 million comics were ordered for more than 2,340 participating shops. This year’s comics offerings were limited to 50, from various publishers, a decline from past years that was designed to streamline the process.



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