Battle Quest Comics is one of those scrappy small publishers out there plugging away…with their lead title, No’Madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs hitting shelves with issue #3 on February 7, a double sized issue and even an offering for Free Comic Book Day.

Battle Quest has been around for a decade with three nice-looking comics in the F/SF action-adventure genre, No’Madd, The Trident of Aurelia and Steel Siege. (You can download the first issues of all three on the Battle Quest website.) They’re now being distributed by Diamond and upping their profile a bit more with an appearance at next month’s ComicsPRO meeting February 22–24 in Pittsburgh.

In the third issue of No’Madd: The Cave of Broken Tombs there are lot of fantasy elements as you can see from the logline:

MaIn the aftermath of No’madd’s journey to the City of Empty Towers, his son, Taron, is mentored by Whispers, a hermit seer. Taron must prepare for his role in the battle against the alien invaders that threaten his home.  Meanwhile, across the sea of storms, a sinister new foe arises.

This will be followed by a double sized issue,with a story from both No’Madd and Steel Siege. IN the first, the hero No’madd must fight for his life against an advanced alien monstrosity. In the Steel Siege story, a ruthless assassin threatens Dove’s volatile diplomatic mission. Battle Quest Comics’ EPIC 

Following all this, Battlequest offers a Steel Siege Free Comic Book Day one-shot, Steel Siege: Search and Rescue, co-written by Battle Quest publisher Andrew Kafoury and Justin Zimmerman (27 RunGhosts in a Burning City), with art by Sid Ven Blue (Transformers).

Steel Siege: Search and Rescue will be available on Free Comic Book Day, but is an independent effort for the event: Retailers can email Battle Quest Comics at [email protected] with your store’s primary address (for multiple locations) and preferred contact and please request confirmation. A bundle will arrive in plenty of time for May 4th.