BookCon—the consumer-focused book show that is tacked on to the trade BEA show—is expanding to two days this year, May 30-31, with way more authors, more exhibitors and more more. And there will be a very cool panel on comics, on  Saturday, May 30th at 11:30am. Here’s the logline:


Join comics superstars Ben Hatke (Little Robot), Jenni Holm (Sunny Side Up), Jeff Smith (Bone), and Raina Telgemeier (Sisters) as they talk about how comics work, how they make their own comics, and what makes comics so completely awesome.  If you’re a fan of comics, don’t miss this great discussion – it’ll have amazing authors sharing their latest work and exciting art drawn right before your eyes!  Moderated by Heidi MacDonald (Publishers Weekly).

That’s right, this super awesome panel will be moderated by me; I’ll try to live up to the awesomeness. But getting to listen to four such talented creators in a whole new arena is a very exciting challenge. Be there!

Ticket information for BookCon are in the above link.



  1. I’ve really enjoyed Tuki from Jeff Smith. I’ve also bought multiple Raina Telgemeier books for my daughter. Great panel…Too bad I will be busy with a family trip. Any chance it gets put up online??

  2. If you wonder about how popular BookCon is…
    1) They capped attendance at 10,000 last year, the first year. Just like the first NYCC, crowd control was enforced. There was a line to get to the panel rooms. (Not to specific rooms, to the actual general area!)
    2) VIP tickets sold out this year as fast as NYCC.
    3) Hall H? Try this:
    4) BookCon 2014 was the anti-comic-con. Lots of teen girls who love to read. Lots of families. The comics publishers I talked to were flabbergasted, and are rethinking their marketing strategies for this year.
    5) Given that BEA’13 had “Total Event Attendance: 20, 641”, I suspect BookCon will exceed BookExpo attendance by 2017 at the latest. 2016 will be in Chicago.
    6) If you are a publisher repped by Diamond Books, there are currently three empty booths next to DBD, Image, IDW, Valiant, and Paizo. $5-6K to rent. 2744, 2745, 2747. One row behind Chronicle, diagonal from Abrams.
    7) If you’re a publisher repped by Random House, you might want to grab one of those booths towards the back of 1E. PRH has a big chunk of real estate, but with their thousands of books, stuff is gonna get lost. Think “Book Fair”… 10×10, stuff on display, freebies, author signings… The “weekend only” booths are $1590. ($2790 for a 10×20.)
    8) …and, of course, their will be non-comics stuff as well, with the occasional celebrity book signing, bestselling authors, freebies… Just like Comic-Con! (But with books, mostly.)

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