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Sales Charts: DC Ink’s Catwoman tale leads graphic novel sales in...

In May, Marvel published twice as many comics as DC, but DC solds nearly as many units.

Diamond: April is the Cruelest Month for Comics Sales

It was a glum month for sales.

Special Retailer Covers from Dynamite Comics at the Diamond Summit

Dynamite Comics offers retailers exclusive covers for their epic crossover book

AHOY inks distribution deal with Diamond, sets releases for first trades

Big things are happening with AHOY Comics today, as the publisher announced a new distribution deal with Diamond and also set release dates for...

Diamond Comics and GN’s up for the year despite smaller February

The man who Laughs #3 was the top selling periodical in February according to Diamond's just released statistics. Comics and GN sales overall were...

Diamond’s comicshoplocator.com is back with mobile-friendly upgrades

The distributor notes that since the site launched in 1996, it has directed more than 6 million users to comics specialty shops throughout North America.

Sales Charts: Batman who Laughs leads the way in January

A five week month shows up December's weak sales.

The Batman Who Laughs all the way to the top of...

Batman crushed it in December, but holiday sales were off by quite a bit.

Sales Charts: X-men, Venom and Green Lantern lead the way...

New #1 issues for Uncanny X-men, The Green Lantern and Venom sold well, surprising no one.

Sales Charts: Batman is #1 in a peppy October

Just like he usually does, Batman ruled the roost for comics and graphic novels sales in october, as Diamond revealed in their monthly sales charts, released today.