Locust Moon Comics in Philadelphia has been putting together ran all-star anthology celebrating Winsor McCay’s LIttle Nemo with contemporary artists going nuts artistically. The above strip by David “Mouse Guard” Petersen is but one example of many jaw-droppers. The Kickstarter for the book launched Monday and has already been funded, but you will probably want a copy of it, anyway. Here some more art just to add to the persuasion.

YOu can read more about the project at the Locust Moon blog.

Roger Langridge and Jeremy Bastien




  1. Locust Moon was the comic shop i was avoiding because i heard it was everything i ever wanted in a comic shop and i didn’t want it sucking my bank account dry.

    i finally gave in about a month ago, and good golly, it’s even better than i’ve been told.

  2. I’m so glad I saw your post! I adore Little Nemo in Slumberland. I’ve got several collections of the original strip. The list of artists involved in this anthology is amazing. I’m really looking forward to receiving this book when it’s published.

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