§ Those two yahoos who came to the Pokémon World Championships totally strapped have been denied bail, Kevin Melrose reports, even though their lawyer says they just had a car full of guns for fun times and never meant any harm. A story in the Boston Globe has many more details of the duo’s threats against other Pokémon players:

The man, a St. Louis resident, said he accused Norton of cheating when they played against each other, and that Norton said virtually nothing during the game.

“That’s not normal,” the man said. “It’s a very social game, so we have a lot of interaction.”

Afterward, the man said, Norton constantly harassed him online, lobbing juvenile insults and prompting the man to block Norton on Facebook.

As you can see from the above photo by Angela Rowlings for the Globe, the pair look very sad about what has transpired.

§ This article at Vanity Fair by Joanna Robinson rounds up Ike Perlmutter gossip, including  how cheap Marvel junkets were: Subway sandwiches were provided (gourmet wraps and panini are the usual); Ike became nonplussed when people took more than one Coke; and hungry reporters at an Avengers press event had to raid a nearby junket for provisions because Marvel’s food ran out. Hollywood likes to save money but there are limits to what people can endure.

§ Sad: Famed lowbrow artist The Pizz has passed away.

§ A new study claims that expanding the San Diego Convention Center is a good idea and will benefit tourism, trade shows, etc. The report favors adding on to the existing center instead of building a new “campus” which would just happen to have a new stadium for the Chargers attached to it. Mayor Kevin Faulconer likes the idea, but he still needs to figure out how to pay for the danged thing.

Funds would come from a hike in hotel room taxes, with additional funding from the city and Port District, but the tax raise would have to be approved by two-thirds of San Diego voters. For its economic impact analysis, CSL surveyed more than 200 current, past and future convention center customers to ask for their input on contiguous versus campus space.

Two thirds of the voters, eh? Good luck with that. In case you want to read much more about it, here’s the report! Or wait for Torsten to analyze it!

§ Next year’s Oscar telecast will have two new producers. One is David Hill, a brash Aussie who has produced the World Series and American Idol. The other is sometimes comics writer and Milestone partner, Reggie Hudlin, who produced the Governor’s Awards last year. One would guess that superhero movies won’t be dissed this time out, but anything is possible.


§ Here’s a list of Japanese readers ranking the Top 5 “Most Traumatizing” Manga, traumatizing here meaning “emotionally wrenching.” They are all older manga, including Tezuka’s Phoenix, which is a surprise, except it IS an incredible story. If only all the volumes were readily available in English—I see the Viz editions go for ridiculous prices on Amazon…but WAIT! You can read them all on Kindle! WHOA! Get to it! [Link via Brigid Alverson]

§ Speaking of manga, Vernieda Vergara looks at how Bleach has fallen out of favor, although it was once ranked with One Piece and Naruto as one of the Big Three series.

§ Erroneous headline: The Conundrum Of R. Crumb: GENIUS OR PERVERT? I say WHY NOT BOTH?

§ Old but good: Animator Emma Coats offers a very practical list of 22 #storybasics I’ve picked up in my time at Pixar.


  1. Those two nerds in the Pokemon Boston crime story are symbolic of all the gun toting trolls we see on the internet every day. While certainly dangerous with guns in hand, they are the epitome of sadness we deal with on our favorite online news sites or message boards. They act tough online, but obviously in person theyre total mutant losers.

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