The great exclusive wars of the Aughts were ferocious and ultimately, flawed. So it’s relatively rare these days to see a new exclusive. In this case it’s not new, but rather Jason Aaron resigning with Marvel for at least two years — although not mentioned in the release, one can assume this is really an “anything but DC (and now probably Aftershock)” exclusive, as Aaron is the writer of the amazing Southern Bastards for Image (drawn by Jason Latour), as well as the upcoming The Goddamned in which he reunites with his Scalped collaborator, R.M. Guera.

Aaron wrote Star Wars #1, which sold over 1 million copies, so he can probably afford to sit out back and drink lemonade for a while, but instead he’s staying on with Marvel where he’s been given a bunch of shiny toys, including The Mighty Thor #1, launching next month with artist Russell Dauterman.

“I’ve worked with Marvel for a number of years on a lot of different titles and had a lot of fun along the way, but right now I am seriously having the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire career,” says Aaron. “Between The Mighty Thor, Doctor Strange and Star Wars, I have enough cool stuff on my plate to keep me happy for many many months to come.”
“Jason Aaron will continue to bring his big, bald beautiful brain to the Marvel Universe,” added  Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso. “I can finally exhale.”
In CBR’s piece on the move, they point out that Marvel has had a bit of an Architect exodus in the past few years (the Architects are a group of writers that Marvel tagged as their mainstays a few years ago.)

The announcement comes after the departure of a number of high-profile and long-running writers from the publisher. Rick Remender announced he was taking a break from Marvelearlier this summer, a move Ed Brubaker made for himself last year. Jonathan Hickman is also taking a break from the publisher following the conclusion of “Secret Wars,” a development he discussed at this year’s SDCC. Writer Kieron Gillen has also cut back his work with Marvel, focusing his efforts on Marvel’s “Darth Vader” series and other creator-owned work.

Of course they still have Bendis, but keeping Aaron around is a key move for Marvel. 





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