The MCU’s resident archer isn’t going anywhere just yet. Variety reports that Disney is developing a solo limited series for Hawkeye, and that Jeremy Renner will reprise the role he has played on the big screen since 2011’s Thor. In addition to Clint Barton, the series will also reportedly introduce Kate Bishop to the MCU. The series will be included as part of Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

Hawkeye will join other characters including Loki, Falcon, Winter Soldier, The Vision, and Scarlet Witch in making the jump to the small screen as part of Disney+. The new slate of shows looks to more closely tie the TV series to the movies and vice versa, which was something that never quite materialized from any of Marvel’s previous TV offerings.

Clint Barton will have gone through the ringer by the time the series debuts. As Avengers: Endgame begins Barton has taken on the new mantle of Ronin, and while it’s still unconfirmed, trailers for the film have implied that Clint’s wife and children were victims of Thanos’s finger snap. A shot in a recent trailer featured Clint teaching a young girl to use a bow and arrow, which led to some online debate about whether the character was Clint’s daughter or Kate Bishop. Thankfully we only have a few short weeks to wait to find out the answer to those and other questions.

No word yet on when Hawkeye or any of the other Marvel TV projects are due to premiere. Disney+ launches in September 2019.


  1. If they start using streaming shows to introduce characters and plot points into the movies, I’m checking out of the MCU. It’s two entirely distinct media. A character like Kate Bishop (and Clint Barton for that matter) needs to stay involved in the big screen movies. But Disney will overplay their hand and try to bully everyone into buying their app for “must watch/exclusive/critical” content.

  2. Bye, Nick!
    Disney will provide cinema quality programming for their service to assure its worth the cost. Its the business of streaming, and they will crush it. I dont see how that is “bullying”. Its actually good business. But, yknow…people wanna cry victim and die on the wrong hill.

  3. I know there are fans like “ibleedfourcolors” who can’t get enough superheroes, and will watch every movie and streamed show from Disney (over and over and over again). Sorry, but I’m not one of those people. This looks like overkill.

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