Just last night, we reported about the development of a Winter Soldier/Falcon series on the upcoming Disney streaming service, and it wasn’t that long ago that reports indicated that separate Scarlet Witch and Loki projects were also in pre-production.

SlashFilm indicates that Paul Bettany’s Vision will likely be joining Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch, as the series that was initially thought to be about her character may actually be about the duo. This isn’t terribly unsurprising given their on-screen love affair and how the characters basically go hand-in-hand, but it does lead one to wonder…much like with Loki…how these shows might resurrect Vision given his seemingly final end in Infinity War.

Perhaps it’s a consequence of the next film resetting some things, perhaps Tony and Shuri figure out how to bring him back to life, or maybe Wanda just sees visions of Vision (heh) as a part of her journey in the series. That seems likely…but honestly, I’m still rooting for an adaptation of the King/Walta series, the best thing Marvel has put out since Hawkeye, which was the best thing Marvel had put out since Bendis’ Daredevil, which was the best thing…etc etc etc

There’s no start date yet on these series, but they’re expected to go live in 2019.


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