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Production shut down on Titans season 2 set following accidental death

Warren Appleby, a respected special effects coordinator, was killed while testing for an upcoming episode.

Disney+ adds another Marvel non-fiction series, MARVEL’S STORYBOARDS

The streaming series will focus on the roots of storytelling across mediums and genres.

6 Must-See Streaming Horror Series That You Might Have Missed

The Enfield Haunting This British three-parter is equal parts horror and drama, and both aspects are delivered with skill and intensity, neither overtaking the other,...

5 Must-See Streaming Dystopian Series That You Might Have Missed

1983  Dystopias are by definition fictional societies, but the Earth has had its share of factual ones. You don’t have to create a worst case...

Jeremy Renner-starring HAWKEYE limited TV series coming to Disney’s streaming platform

The series is also expected to introduce Kate Bishop to the MCU.

5 Must-See Streaming Science Fiction Series That You Might Have Missed

Akta Manniskor (Real Humans) Mainly known as the inspiration for the series Humans rather than for any details of its own, Swedish writer Lars Lundström’s...

Here’s everyone we know will be on DC Universe’s STARGIRL

The cast of characters includes heroes and villains from the Golden Age of DC Comics.

DC Universe adds REIGN OF THE SUPERMEN animated movie, over 1,000...

Jack Kirby's NEW GODS and Busiek and Immonen's SUPERMAN: SECRET IDENTITY are some of the highlights of the service's new comic additions.

SDCC ’18: DC Collectibles Panel Shows Off Rick Baker’s Joker and...

Even before the start of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Preview Night, DC Collectibles released a startling amount of information regarding their upcoming statue and figure lines. So, when it came around to the next day’s DC Collectibles panel attended by moderator Paul Malmont, Art Director Travis Hastback, artist Joe Ledbetter, artist Chrissie Zullo, Executive Creative Director Jim Fletcher, Special Makeup Effects Artist Rick Baker, and sculptor Paul Harding, much of the information they discussed was more of a reiteration from the day prior.

SDCC ’18: How Much Does a DC Universe Streaming Subscription Cost?

DC has finally announced the pricing for their DC Universe streaming subscriptions.  The introductory price is $74.99/year and will be available for $7.99/mo at...

DC Universe Streaming Announcement Coming Tomorrow

By definition, it's a digital announcement... but what kind of digital announcement?