Crunchyroll wants its viewers scared this Halloween season, which is why it’s releasing a whole mess of horror anime for free available from October 1- 31 for anyone with the free ad-supported user account.

The list of featured free series reads like a crash course in horror anime, with titles such as Blue Exorcist, Hellsing, Tokyo Ghoul, and the Junji Ito Collection.

© Junji Ito / Asahi Shimbun Publications, The Junji Ito Collection Production Committee
© Junji Ito / Asahi Shimbun Publications, The Junji Ito Collection Production Committee

The anime streaming platform has become essential for fans looking to have an abundance of content in just one place. Other services should take note. Crunchyroll’s presence in the anime landscape towers over the competition by continuing the work of becoming the best option available for fans and newcomers alike.

cruchyrollThis horror anime initiative is evidence of the streamer’s commitment to that, offering series of a caliber that can turn casual fans into lifelong ones. What’s interesting here is that the collection is vast and varied enough to direct general anime fans towards horror more directly. Hellsing, for instance, will please fans of Vampire Hunter D while also pulling in viewers that like their anime monster hunting more stylishly violent.

Those looking to get an injection of what’s been making the rounds this year, on the other hand, will have access to the breakout hit Hell’s Paradise. Set in Japan’s Edo Period, the story follows Gabimaru the Hollow as he’s tasked with travelling to another dimension to find the elixir of life, a mission that’ll result in all his crimes being pardoned if he succeeds. Studio MAPPA has already announced a second season, so this is a great chance to get more people into the series for the long run.

Looks like there’s enough horror on Crunchyroll to last at least a few Halloweens. The full list of available titles follows below.

And if it wasn’t clear enough already… Free. Horror. Anime.