Startup publisher DSTLRY will release its first book, the anthology one-shot The Devil’s Cut, next month, and already the publisher is looking ahead. Today DSTLRY announced its first series, Gone, to be written and illustrated by founding creator Jock. The series will spin out of Jock’s entry in The Devil’s Cut, titled “The Stowaway.”

Here’s how DSTLRY describes Gone:

On an impoverished and distant planet where menial workers scratch out a living resupplying starships, the best place to be is GONE…and that’s exactly where 13-year-old Abi wants to be. Along with her street-tough friends, Abi stows away on a colossal luxury space-liner, hoping for a better life. Unbeknownst to her, Abi’s “friends” are not who they seem, and she suddenly finds herself branded a saboteur as she desperately struggles to evade the ship’s deadly crew to stay alive! As the young heroine confronts betrayal, discovers her true allies, and fights against all odds, Abi will soon realize that nothing is farther away than…home.

Gone is the first of eight previously-announced series set to spin out of The Devil’s Cut. It’s the latest series written and illustrated by Jock, after last year’s DC Black Label series Batman: One Dark Night. In a statement, Jock described the freedom of writing and illustrating his first creator-owned series:

“GONE is a labor of love with which I have the rare opportunity to fine-tune every aspect of the story as both writer and artist,” shared creator Jock. “I’m grateful to DSTLRY for their unwavering support and for providing a platform where creators can push the boundaries of their craft. I can’t wait to share this journey and the world of GONE with everyone this fall.”

DSTLRY co-founders Chip Mosher and David Steinberger also expressed their enthusiasm at bringing Gone to readers:

“Following the outstanding early response to The Devil’s Cut, we’re excited to carry the momentum into the launch of GONE this October,” said DSTLRY co-founders David Steinberger and Chip Mosher in a joint statement. “By embarking on his first creator-owned project as both writer and artist, Jock exemplifies the true spirit of artistic freedom and innovation that DSTLRY champions. Jock has been a true partner in defining DSTLRY’s approach to creator-owned comics, and we couldn’t be happier to support his vision for this ambitious series.”

Check out one of the open-to-order variant covers by Jock, as well as an interior preview for the first issue below. Gone is set to arrive in stores and digitally in October.

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