This Saturday, May 4, is Free Comic Book Day, and Vault is offering a sampler of Pete Wentz’ original graphic novel Dying Inside as part of their FCBD specials. 

Written by Hannah Klein and with art by Lisa Sterle, the book is “the first complete chapter” of “a graphic novel about a chronically depressed girl who’s tired of fighting for her death.”

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Today is Ash’s big finale. And by finale, of course, she means exiting the stage permanently. Ash is a sixteen-year-old girl with more angst than Ian Curtis and Elliott Smith combined (her two idols). She’s apathetic and therefore believes death is the easiest route to relief. That doesn’t mean she’ll go out without a bang, though! Nothing is more embarrassing than a lame death. Unfortunately, her meticulous plans – which include the perfect outfit, soundtrack, and method – are all ruined when the beautiful knife she buys off a webstore turns out to be charmed with a protection spell. Now, Ash has to track down the witch who turned her clocking out attempt into the worst gift imaginable: immortality. Turns out, the witch responsible is another sixteen-year-old-girl named (get this) Liv. The two vow to undo the charm together and fight for Ash’s life…well, death.

Dying Inside will debut in September under Vault’s Headshell imprint. Ahead of the FCBD special, check out an exclusive preview here!