Counting down the days until Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual by Simon Hanselmann and Josh Pettinger is widely released on August 1st, 2023? Well, the long wait has ended if you’re at San Diego Comic-Con 2023! Featuring all your favorite characters in supporting roles, including Megg, Mogg, Owl, Dracula Jr., Mike, Tim, and all the rest, Werewolf Jones & Sons, the eighth book by Hanselmann, is available at the Fantagraphics booth #1721 today. 

In addition to picking up the book, you can also get your copy of Werewolf Jones & Sons signed by both Hanselmann and Pettinger at the Fantagraphics booth throughout the weekend. Check out the signing schedule below:

Thursday, July 20th:
3:00-4:00 pm: Simon Hanselmann + Josh Pettinger (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual)

Friday, July 21st:
2:00-3:00 pm: Simon Hanselmann + Josh Pettinger (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual)

Saturday, July 22nd:
12:00-2:00 pm: Simon Hanselmann + Josh Pettinger (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual)

If that’s not enough of Hanselmann and Pettinger for you, the creators will also be appearing on some panels. See below:

Friday, July 21st, 10:30-11:30 am
Room 10
Self-Publishing and Working with a Publisher: A Discussion—What’s it like to go from self-publishing your art to working with a publisher? Iconic comics creators Simon Hanselmann and Josh Pettinger (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual), Sammy Harkham (Blood of the Virgin), Briana Loewinsohn (Ephemera: A Memoir), Rina Ayuyang (The Man in the McIntosh Suit), and Thien Pham (Family Style) will be discussing their publishing journeys with moderator Chris Wisnia (Doris Danger: Giant Monsters Amok)–Q&A session to follow! 

Friday, July 21st, 12:00-1:00 pm
Room 29AB
Comic Strips and Collections—Start your morning off right (or your afternoon or evening) with the best comic strips around. Dive into the strips you love with Comic-Con Special Guests Ricardo Caté, Simon Hanselmann (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual), Keith Knight, Stephen Notley, and Steenz, with Jules Rivera (graphic novelist and cartoonist who took over Mark Trail) and moderator Henry Barajas (Gil Thorp). 

Saturday, July 22nd, 3:00-4:00 pm
Room 29AB
Behind the Scenes of Comics Publishing: A Discussion—Whether self-publishing, working with an independent publisher, or one of the bigger houses, there’s a lot more to comics publishing than meets the eye! Join industry professionals from all sides of comics creation as they discuss the ins and outs of publishing: Eric Reynolds (VP/Associate Publisher at Fantagraphics), Simon Hanselmann (Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual), Jacq Cohen (Executive Director of Communications & Publicity at Fantagraphics), Peggy Burns (Publisher of Drawn & Quarterly), Avi Ehrlich (Silver Sprocket), and Colin Turner (Last Gasp). 

Saturday, July 22nd, 4:30-5:30 pm
Room 5AB
Spotlight on Simon HanselmannSimon Hanselmann (Crisis Zone) along with Josh Pettinger (Power Wash) will be brutally and unrelentingly interrogated by Jacq Cohen (Fantagraphics director of marketing and publicity) regarding their new collaborative Werewolf Jones book, self-publishing versus the direct market, and more. 

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