By Kelas Lloyd

I hear Morn’s not really a morning person, but you’ll see him anyway in the mural in the Star Trek-themed pop up coffee shop collaboration run by Hero Within, featuring an area where you can try on their jacket. Jedidiah Coffee provides the coffees, in both easy-to-grab bottled latte and hot mug variations. Other sponsors are Rock Love with a very cool display of their jewelry (even if I’m not sure what the spiral earrings are supposed to represent. Maybe it’s Vulcan,) IDW Publishing, and Star Trek: The Cruise VII.

There’s not a lot of space for lounging around but that’s okay considering all the stuff going on at Comic Con even in this unusual year, and there’s some neat art up on the walls. I’m personally pretty happy that Garak made it into the mural. The prices are pretty reasonable, and while all three of the lattes are good, I’d have to recommend the Mutara Mocha Latte. That’s the one that I’m gonna be going with this convention weekend.

Drop on by, check out some merch in a location that’s likely to be way less crowded than the exhibition floor if preview night was anything to go by, and grab a drink. After all, it’s easier to make a latte more out of your day if you’ve got some coffee.

Energize Lounge is located at 331 J Street and is open from 8 am to 10 pm PST Thursday through Saturday, and 8 am to noon PST on Sunday.

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