Disney has a trio of live-action remakes coming to theaters in 2019, and Dark Horse is expanding on the worlds of two of them in a pair of new all-ages graphic novels. Late yesterday the publisher announced a new four-story anthology graphic novel of Aladdin stories to tie in to the upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed film, and this morning came news of a similar, five-part graphic novel dedicated to everyone’s favorite flying elephant, Dumbo.

Here’s the description for Disney Dumbo: Friends in High Places, timed for wide release in March on the Tuesday before the Tim Burton-directed Dumbo opens in theaters:

Written by John Jackson Miller with art by Giovanni Rigano, Alberto Zanon, Paola Antista, and Michela Bovo, this anthology takes off to inspire with the magic of Disney Dumbo. The beloved story of Dumbo the flying elephant and all his circus friends continues in five interconnected tales at Max Medici’s circus—a place full of curiosity, wonder, and awe. Follow Dumbo and friends on a path of discovery where differences are celebrated, and dreams soar!

And here’s how the publisher describes Disney Aladdin (Live Action) (presumably this is a working title), which releases at the end of April:

Writer Corinna Bechko along with artist Pablo Vite and more bring the individuality and spirit of Aladdin and friends to the forefront in this fun-filled anthology. Travel through the vibrant city of Agrabah in four interconnected tales connected to Disney’s all new live-action film. Follow a day in the lives of Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie, and tag along on an adventure with friends Abu, Raja, and the Magic Carpet!

I’m personally pretty ambivalent towards live-action film remakes of animated films, especially when (like Aladdin and the other Disney remake out this year, The Lion King) they look to be exactly like the animated films. That said, I like that Disney and Dark Horse are using the comics format to build out the worlds of the films; if the movies aren’t going to tell new stories, at least these anthologies will.

Both of these books will clock in at 72 pages and have a cover price of $10.99. Look for Disney Dumbo: Friends in High Places in stores at the end of March, and Disney Aladdin (Live Action) to be available the following month.