Prism Stalker, a psychedelic sci-fi comic that won heaps of critical praise last year, is getting its first trade collection reprinted with a new cover from creator Sloane Leong as well as some other extras.

In addition to that new cover (pictured here) the reprinted Prism Stalker Vol. 1 trade will also feature a new logo designed by Darius Ou and a new afterword written by Mandy co-screenwriter Aaron Stewart-Ahn. Prism Stalker was already riding high coming into the new year, after landing on a number of year-end best of lists, including those belonging to Paste Magazine, The Onion’s AV Club, and Entertainment Weekly.

For those who are unfamiliar, Prism Stalker features a striking psychedelic aesthetic and a story about a newly-discovered planet that is rich with psychic life and telekinetic ecology. The plot involves a protagonist, who is a refugee of a far away destroyed planet, being chosen by a private military firm to help settle this new planet. The hero must fight the planet itself as it exerts power over her.

This new trade will be available on February 27. Full PR from Image is below:

Image Comics is thrilled to announce that the first volume of Sloane Leong’s (From Under Mountains, A Map to the Sun) critically acclaimed fan-favorite series Prism Stalker is being rushed back to print in order to keep up with overwhelming consumer demand.

This new printing features an all-new original cover by series writer/artist/creator Sloane Leong, a brand-new logo designed by Darius Ou, and an all-new afterword by Mandy co-screenwriter Aaron Stewart-Ahn.

Since its launch, Prism Stalker has garnered praise, accolades, and honors galore, earning top spots on year-end best-of lists from the New York Public Library, Paste Magazine, The Onion’s AV Club, and more—also snagging an honorable mention from Entertainment Weekly and being named “The Sci-fi Comic of the Spring” by The Hollywood Reporter.

In Prism Stalker, a newly discovered planet teems with strange psychic life and puzzling telekinetic ecology. Vep, a refugee raised as an indentured citizen in a foreign colony far away from her devastated home planet, is selected by a private military firm to assist in settling the new planet. What awaits her there will test the limits of her will as she grapples with the strange power the planet exerts over her…

Prism Stalker, Vol. 1 trade paperback is available for purchase across all digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Comixology’s website (, iOS, Android, and Google Play.

The new printing of Prism Stalker, Vol. 1 (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0828-2, Diamond code: NOV188448) will be available on Wednesday, February 27th.