Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between! This week we’re checking out the monster hack-n-slash, It Took Luke, a Peruvian take on cyberpunk in PUNO, and more.

Let’s get started!

IT TOOK LUKE — An 80 Page Horror Graphic Novella

it took luke
IT TOOK LUKE art by Bill Underwood

Creators: Mark Bouchard (writer), Bill Underwood (illustrator), Micah Myers (letterer), Jasmine Walls (editor), Jillian Crab (designer)
Goal: $11,000
End date: October 28, 2020
Goodies: Grab a digital version for $10, a physical version for $20, or pledge higher for pins, comics, and more! 

A renowned exterminator struggles with their failing relationship, a massive concussion, and a dangerous body-snatching creature.

It Took Luke is a monster hack-n-slash with the thematic weight of crunch culture. It’s got angst, existential crises, and some exquisite black and white illustrations with a big, irresistible Devil May Cry vibe. The story follows Sal, a cynical person whose job is to exterminate cockroaches, mice, dragons, bugbears, eldritch monsters – that sort of thing. They’re hoping to be able to quit their job and talk to their ex about getting back together, but first they have to muddle through another shift. For more on It Took Luke, head over to the campaign page and check out a short preview.

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PUNO, a Peruvian Cyberpunk Comic


Creators: Gustaffo Vargas (author)
Goal: $2,057
End date: November 5, 2020
Goodies: A PDF is $4, a physical version is $8, and higher tiers include back issues, stickers, and more.

Enter a dystopian world of cyborgs, robot dogs and gangsters. 

PUNO depicts a cyberpunk world where robotics and bio-tech are easily accessible to anyone, where corruption infects governments, and crime organizations battle constantly. This is a Peruvian take on a genre people can’t seem to get enough of. Instead of the massive metropolis of Neo [Insert City Name], Vargas imagines what the future looks like where it bleeds into the remnants of the natural world. To see what that looks like, check out the preview on PUNO’s campaign page.

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Continue: Vol. 1!


Creators: Khandaniel and Hayley Aarson (authors)
Goal: $500
End date: November 1, 2020
Goodies: A digital version is $10, a physical version is $25, and higher tiers include charms, signed editions, and more.

The first chapter of the webcomic Continue — a horror comedy with some romance sprinkled in!!

Continue is a horror/comedy series (with a dash of romance) and it’s hoping to make the jump from webcomic to physical with this campaign. The series follows an LGBT cast of three heroes on their journey to make the world a better place by hunting down 12 inhuman souls. It’s a noble cause – but before they can finish it out, they’ll have to deal with their own issues first. It’s a fun series with heart and action, drawn with anime stylings, and anyone curious about what to expect should head over to Tapas and read Continue there.

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SUMMONER – An Epic Fantasy Graphic Novel


Creators: Dionysis Zogaris (writer), Manos Lgouvardos (artist)
Goal: $7,522
End date: October 31, 2020
Goodies: Get a digital version for $12, a printed copy for $23, or pledge more signed versions, or copies for friends.

An Epic Fantasy Graphic Novel, inspired by mythology and the wars of past.

Summoner is a story of magic, war, and religious regimes in a fantasy world where some are gifted with the ability to call on the Gods themselves. It follows Adelice Belmont, a girl with that very ability, as she’s stolen away by a religious leader and driven to team up with a crew of resistance fighters. The preview art for this series is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for this epic setting. The final copy will be over 180 pages in black and white, standing at  6.6×9.4 inches or 17×24 centimeters.

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Neverender: Issue Two


Creators: Devin Kraft (author)
Goal: $1,047
End date: November 1, 2020
Goodies: Grab a digital copy for $5, a physical version for $12, or pledge more for back issues, pins, discounts, and more.

Neverender is a comic about an earthborn punk and his journey into a space dueling ring.

Spacesuits, swords and duels are at the center of Neverender. Its protagonist, Merrick, is a punk from Earth who finds himself entangled in a web of political intrigue as he joins the Universal Defense League: a gladiatorial competition pitting astronauts against each other in one-on-one swordfights to the death. With the vacuum of space weighing down around them, it only takes one well-aimed slice to claim a victory. Kraft illustrates with a sharp black-and-white style that pushes familiar space tech into the realm of sci-fi.

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