A couple of months ago Literati Press announced Devin Kraft’s (Neverender) new comic Silence, a five-issue music and mythology mash-up limited series. Issue #1 was released in April and is now available for purchase.

Read the details below:

Silence is a story about music and its power to hold things together even as the world falls apart. Returning to her hometown of Anthem, a down-on-its-luck seaport, Johanna Jones discovers the ship her father sailed on has gone missing. She ends up aboard a yellow submarine named the Heart of Gold headed directly into Hades’ Hexagon to find the missing crew, accompanied by her childhood best friend, a rich young addict, and a punk legend. Along the way, the quartet will form unlikely bonds, face astonishing threats, and rock the @#$% out. 

Silence is exactly the kind of unique, distinctive story we love at LP Comics,” says Steve ‘Echo’ Gooch, Editor and Operations Manager of Literati Press. “It’s unlike anything else out there, combining Greek mythology, a working-class story, and the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. We’re thrilled to welcome Devin Kraft and Silence to Literati Press Comics.” 


Kraft made his mark in indie comics in 2013 with Dragon Slayer, a story about the price of pride and revenge, which raised over $25,000 on Kickstarter. In addition to Neverender (Sumerian Comics), Kraft also draws Samurai Odyssey and provided art for The Garden of Galahad

To grab Silence #1, head here.