Sometimes ghosts need help and without a corporeal form, it gets a little tricky getting stuff done. That is why they seek out people like Riana. In Who Killed You? the young woman quickly realizes that she is one of the few people who can see and hear the dead. Whether she likes it or not, Riana must help lost souls find peace, both to guide them to their final rest and to give herself peace of mind.

Created by Suhie Art, the comic’s first case centers on the ghost of a little girl named Rose. According to police records, the six-year-old is considered missing, but her case has gone cold, which means no one is looking for her. Riana knows that the little girl who is following her is dead and her case is not a missing persons’ case, but a murder. She needs to find out what happened to her, which may mean finding her body.

The art and story are clean and simple. The style works well because there isn’t anything bogging down the narrative, and the spooky panels stand out with each unsettling image. Kids are creepy as it is; ghost kids are worse. The series’ creator deftly juxtaposes a cute little blonde girl with a disturbing lost soul. The ghoulish look that takes over when the ghost is in distress is frightening and the reader feels the sudden shift as if looking through Riana’s eyes.

Who Killed You? is currently free on Tapas. There are eight episodes so far in the new series. Catch up by clicking here.

Who Killed You? Who Killed You?