Some of the best horror lies in the mundane. The attractive guy who seems so helpful and kind may just be a monster underneath that charming smile. We have those monsters in real life; many of the most notorious serial killers were innocuous neighbors or handsome dates, which makes a tale like Manny even more unsettling–it could happen! 

Created by A. Rasen, the same creator behind creepers like GremoryLand and Counting Sheep, Manny plays on the fear that danger lurks where you least expect it. While gruesome horror featuring beasts and monsters can be frightening, it’s the eyes and smile of a character like Manny that create a feeling of discomfort and disorientation. He’s like a creepy (creepier?) Mary Poppins. He’s supposed to be helping, but is he?

Read the synopsis here:

When Manny enters the Rodríguez family’s life, his charming facade masks a dark nature that threatens to tear their household apart. As tensions rise and secrets are exposed, the family must confront the true identity and sinister motives of their supposed caregiver. This series contains graphic content and themes regarding mental health, bullying, and abuse that may not be suitable for all readers.

Manny only has three episodes on Webtoon at the time of this writing, making it easy to start reading here. Warning: there are mature themes of bullying, abuse, and other sensitive topics within the story. 

Manny by A. Rasen on Webtoon