I love sleep. If I could trade naptime with my kids, I would in an instant. But not after reading Counting Sheep on Webtoons.

Created by A.Rasen (Melvina’s Therapy and GremoryLand), the disturbing horror web series fits right in with this creator’s previous work. Unsettling imagery is at the core and coupled with horror movie pacing, you have a creepy tale that will keep you up at night. 

The story centers on Caleb, who is having recurring nightmares that haunt him during his waking hours. As the story progresses, it is clear that Caleb’s weird dreams are much more dangerous than he could have ever imagined. In fact, they are infecting his friends and even the town. In a very Nightmare on Elm Street way, sleeping is a bad idea. Stay awake to stay alive.

Counting Sheep is just getting started, with only three episodes posted at the time of this writing. The free comic updates every Monday. Begin reading here.

Counting Sheep