There is no shortage of good stories on Webtoon these days. But aside from keeping up with hits like Lore Olympus and Midnight Poppy Land, Webtoon is also my go-to spot for horror, thriller, mystery, and supernatural stories. The publisher’s portal already has a slew of spooky suggestions perfect for the holiday season, but here is my personally curated list of top ten stories that you can start reading right now for Trick or Beat this year!

Third Shift Society

10. Third Shift Society

Take Sherlock Holmes and add a healthy dash of Sleepy Hollow and you’ll get this Eisner Award-nominated series by Meredith Moriarty. Third Shift Society revolves around an everyday girl named Ellie, who gets roped into exciting supernatural mysteries and cases due to her partnership with Ichabod, a detective who has the head of a pumpkin. There’s a low-level of horror, but it does help get me in the spooky mood.

9. Nocturne

This will not be the last horror anthology on the list, but it is unique in one aspect compared to the others. Nocturne is what I would define as a “true” anthology. There is not master through-line connecting each little story, some stories are a couple of chapters long, others are span over ten chapters. Author Fyyaa is a master of mystery and dark corners. If you like your horror where someone explains all the whys and whos, this is not the anthology for you. But, if you like to let your mind wander after a horrific story, look no further!


8. #Killstagram

Okay, technically this is billed under the genre of “thriller”, but anyone who has seen the dark side of social media can find the horror in Killstagram‘s story. Insta-famous Remi Do is the center of her universe. She’s beautiful and leverages her beauty to get brand deals and win the popularity of the internet masses. But, among those tens of thousands of likes is a serial killer targeting influencers. Ryoung‘s story really manages to balance the humor and drama of an influencer with the terrifying side of obsession and stalking.

7. The Witch and The Beast

Of the many, many vampire stories on Webtoon (many of which would make it onto this list if it was longer), The Witch and The Beast ranks as my favorite. I was initially lured in by the artist LeoNealArt‘s art style. The fine and clean lines, the realism slant, the sumptuous choice of color totally ensnared me. But, in a sea of talent, it was author Nidjie‘s(aka iamnidjie) narrative twists and decisions that really has me going back for more. Vampires, witches, demons, a prophecy, sibling rivalry, what more could you ask for?

6. Muted

On the subject of witches, we have Muted by Miranda Mundt. A story about conflicting covens of witches and magic users, Muted starts off as a story about 21-year-old Camille Severin, who attempts (disastrously) to summon a demon as is the tradition of the witches in her family. As the story unravels, you learn more about the secrets surrounding Camille and her family. My favorite aspect of Muted is getting to meet the other witches from the other covens and seeing the way they function and use magic. Mundt is great at crafting a rich world full of magic wielders bound together by a tragic past. (Also, it returns from hiatus next week!!)

5. Tales of the Unusual

Okay, we’re getting into anthology land. I’m a recent convert to Tales of the Unusual, but the desaturated art style and mammoth archive of work had me subscribing. The author, Sungdae Oh also created The Cliff, an excellent nine-episode thriller, and is a master of walking you down twists and turns when it comes to his stories. Like Nocturne, some story arcs are over ten chapters long, some are merely a single chapter. But, Oh’s portfolio of work is truly impressive. I find myself returning back to his stories and combing through comments for theories after every cliffhanger. This one will keep you busy.

4. Ghost Theater

I can’t and won’t stop reading anthologies, but Ghost Theater is where we get to a full narrative surrounding every story arc. After a tragic accident, actress Rahee Ku is unable to make any facial expressions. It is only through being possessed by ghosts that she is able to express her emotions outwardly again. This concept is WILD, but the combination of story, art (especially when the style switches during performances), and accompanying episode music really got me hook, line, and sinker. There are heavy supernatural elements in this one, with Rahee partnering up with supernatural spirits. For fans of Refund High School or SAVE ME, author LICO does not disappoint.

3. Melvina’s Therapy

I can safely say that Melvina’s Therapy is more likely to leave me with nightmares than any sense of fulfillment or calm. A. Rasen is one of my favorite creators on Webtoon, an absolute master of horror, pulling from every corner of horror history and explaining it in detail. If you’re the type who wants an explanation or just a horror fan who can spot references, read this! From ghost stories to alien invasions, Melvina’s got it all. As the story progresses, you learn more about Melvina and her past as she is incorporated into the narrative. This is, yes, another pseudo-anthology, but I just can’t stay away. I read this one alongside friends, texting theories and reactions back and forth. The series is now completed, and you can go and experience it in its glory (in a very well lit room).

2. GremoryLand

I wasn’t kidding about my love for A. Rasen and my fear of their stories. But, surprise! GremoryLand is not an anthology. Instead, it pulls on the classic horror trope of a bunch of school friends visiting a nightmarish theme park named GremoryLand. In an ongoing story, we slowly discover the pasts and connections between this disparate group of six people. This has a distinctly theatrical feel to it and it’s not hard to imagine GremoryLand getting adapted into a series with the way Rasen draws and writes. Beware, Rasen’s work is definitely rated R and they often incorporate disturbing imagery or gore into the stories. Proceed with caution.

1. Ghost Teller

If you’re familiar with Webtoon, you’ve probably seen Ghost Teller around. This stands as one of my all-time favorite series on the platform. I have spent time discussing the story with friends and rereading arcs to try and understand the convoluted twists and turns. Seriously, when I was reading this week-to-week, it was a TRIAL to figure out the distinct details that I missed or if my theories were correct. QTT‘s series revolves around the concept of ghosts telling their horror stories about humans and how scary they can be. As a result, Ghost Teller shines a light on the worst side of humanity; a general rule reading this series is if someone seems really nice, they’re probably not or they’ll be dead soon. Flawless art and storytelling, this deserves all the love it gets.

And that’s my top ten list! Honorable mentions go to The Wolf of Wulvershire, Bite Me, Not Even Bones, and Elena. What are your favorite creepy Webtoon stories? Did you agree with my choices? Sound off in the comments below!