Loved and Lost: A Relationship Trilogy
Loved and Lost: A Relationship Trilogy

Ignatz and Eisner Award winning cartoonist Jeffrey Brown is taking us back to the beginning with Loved and Lost: A Relationship Trilogy, a collection of the three adult-oriented graphic novels that launched his career.

The softcover collection, which is published by Top Shelf Productions and is 608 pages long, is available beginning today, Tuesday, June 14th, 2022. You can get your first look at Loved and Lost right now below this article!

Loved and Lost

Here’s the description of Loved and Lost from the publisher:

“Twenty years ago, young painter Jeffrey Brown grew frustrated with the expectations of the art world and wanted desperately to make something real. In a single sketchbook, working directly in ink, he began recording his memories of a recent long-distance relationship, matching the emotional frailty of the young lovers with painfully honest writing and art. As that book, Clumsy, struck a chord with readers and spawned the follow-ups Unlikely and Any Easy Intimacy, Brown’s work proved a watershed for the emerging form of the graphic memoir. Chronicling the awkward mess of romantic relationships in unsparing and explicit detail, these works also reflect the fragmentary nature of memory, the risk of opening ourselves to pain, and the giggly rush of falling in love. Now collected into one volume for the first time, this Relationship Trilogy is a bittersweet reminder of the everyday joy, heartbreak, and humor that — despite everything — keep us coming back for more.”

Available Today

Have you had a chance to check out the Loved and Lost preview pages included below this article? Will you be checking out the collection?

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