Weird small towns may be a trope for mystery tales, but let’s be honest, they do work. For a city gal like me, there is something creepy in all that space and quiet. And everyone knows each other? Yikes… 

In Bizarre Wisconsin by Blip, that vibe is present from the start, even though in the first few episodes you are just getting to know Liam and his family. 

Check out the synopsis:

When Liam Spier’s father dies in a sudden accident, he finds himself- along with his mother and sister- moving to a small rural town in northern Wisconsin; far away from the city life he knew back in Boston. But things aren’t always what they appear in the sleepy little town of Bizarre– a string of mysterious disappearances, reports of strange things happening in the woods, and the secrets of his father’s past begin to emerge.

Determined to find answers, Liam dives headfirst into the mystery of Bizarre, the strange dreams he’s been having, and how it all connects to his dad.

Bizarre, Wisconsin is a story about loss, loneliness, finding yourself, and most importantly, fighting freaky monsters in the woods.

We’ve all felt a little out of place at times, and the story deftly creates sympathy for Liam. He’s a ball of teen emotions, and after losing his dad and now moving to a place so very different than what he’s used to, that angst is high. 

Bizarre Wisconsin


At the time of this writing, the mysteries have yet to be revealed, but I am definitely curious. Begin reading Bizarre Wisconsin for free on Tapas here.


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