March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate women creators than to spotlight a Webtoon series such as Blood on Your Hands?

Created by Cake, the “body-swapping thriller” dives right into the action from the jump. A young woman wakes up covered in blood in a hotel room and, oh yeah, there’s a dead body nearby. The last thing she remembers is going to bed and then suddenly she’s in quite a predicament. 

A couple of episodes later, we meet another character, and the “body-swapping” situation starts to fall into place. I guess that is one way to get away from murder, right? But there is clearly more to this…

The art is interesting and has an almost liquid feel to it. The colors are saturated and rich, adding to the ominous atmosphere of the thriller. The panels are paced by long stretches of black, further setting the tone of the entire comic. The episodes are on the shorter side, but plenty happens in nearly every scene, with bits of information tossed out like breadcrumbs to help you solve the mystery. 

Blood on Your Hands is free to read here


Blood on Your Hands