Last week at SWSW, Marvel unveiled the first details of the much anticipated X-Men relaunch arriving this summer. Among the titles is a new adjectiveless X-Men ongoing series from writer Jed MacKay and artist Ryan Stegman arriving July 10th.

According to the announcement, this X-Men team will be stationed in a new base in Alaska and consist of Cyclops, Beast, Mangneto, Psylocke, Kid Omega, Temper (formerly Oya), Magik and Juggernaut. Over the last few days, Stegman has not only posted on social media artwork featured in the teaser trailer that accompanied the announcement but also character designs.

The artwork below was inked by JP Mayer and colored by Marte Garcia.

Ryan Stegman X-Men

As Stegman explained on his Instagram post:

Some of them aren’t exactly final. For example, magneto won’t be this old or ugly. And Idie aka Temper won’t have the head cover etc. When I do designs I don’t like them to be “final”. They have to be sketchy because if I finalize them I get too caught up in the line aesthetics. So I do them super loose and then just start refining them when it comes time on the page!

Anyway, first person that says cyclops looks young is gonna get made fun of in the comments. Please join me in liking on the poor soul that doesn’t read this ahead of time!!!!!

Apparently, there are some people who wonder if the Cyclops we’ll be seeing in the relaunch is the original or in fact a younger version based on his more youthful design. Editor Tom Brevoort took to social media to assure people that “Cyclops is Cyclops, not a younger version or any such thing.”

Check out the Ryan Stegman X-Men character designs below:


Ryan Stegman X-Men Ryan Stegman X-Men Ryan Stegman X-Men