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Chicago’s CAKE announces Cupcake winner and opening of exhibitor applications

Is it 2018 already? Apparently! It's deifnitely time to start sending out those exhibitor applications for indie shows. CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) has...

Tonight and this weekend to do: CAKE

As always there are about four gabillion pop culture events this weekend, but this weekend it's CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo) in Chicago, kicking...

CAKE Report: Indie comics go to Chicago

by Benjamin Rogers -- Once again the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo was a huge success. CAKE 2014 featured over 120 exhibitors and drew 2,200 attendees over the course of the weekend, a ten percent increase from last year’s show. Conference organizer Neil Brideau said that CAKE was excited to continue increasing its scope, noting that “this was the first year we’ve had a large international presence.” He highlighted some artists who travelled a long way to attend the show such as Inés Estrada of Mexico, and Philippa Rice and Luke Pearson of the UK.

This weekend it’s CAKE!

The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo takes place this weekend, and the show really seems to have ramped it up to take its place among...

2013 CAKE Programming: Shiga, Renier and more on graphic narrative

Alongside TCAF and SPX, CAKE has aptly been described as one of the best indie comic events around today. This year's expo swept by...

Marvel’s summit Daredevil cake and rumors

Marvel has a big writer's summit going on this week, and they celebrated the creative process with cake, as this picture by editor Nate Cosby proves. Does the tribute to Daredevil have anything to do with his regular book ending in November? Only the dessert bar will tell. Brian Bendis had more from the summit in a message board posting:
the superpowered nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby was voted on and unanimously decided by the entire Marvel editorial team and the attending creators. their first appearance will be in new avengers number seven.