Marvel has a big writer’s summit going on this week, and they celebrated the creative process with cake, as this picture by editor Nate Cosby proves. Does the tribute to Daredevil have anything to do with his regular book ending in November? Only the dessert bar will tell.

Brian Bendis had more from the summit in a message board posting:

the superpowered nanny for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones’ baby was voted on and unanimously decided by the entire Marvel editorial team and the attending creators. their first appearance will be in new avengers number seven.

a sudden and surprising shift in the avengers roster lineup was discussed and mostly settled on. when an opening is available on one of the teams it’s always interesting which characters certain editors make a pitch for.

next year I will be working with one of the greatest artists in the world at a brand-new series starring a character I have barely touched. my ground level interpretation of the character was met with surprising support. it’s rare that creators as diverse as Jonathan Hickman, Jepf Loeb, and Dan slott all feel good about the same idea so that was a big win.

all the rest are other creators ideas and projects that I am sworn to secrecy about and cannot discuss here or anywhere else. but I can tell you the future looks bright for nerds of all shapes and sizes.

well, except for the ones that are never happy about anything. I can’t help you there

more importantly, I had my first shake shack yesterday. it did not disappoint.

then very upset that the NYU Chick-fil-A is closed for the summer. if I haven’t already agreed to do NYCC, I would have now.


  1. Maybe Agatha Harkness will be the nanny. She’d have Ben Grimm’s recommendation, especially now that he’s on one of the Avengers teams. The interactions between Harkness and Cage would be a hoot!

  2. Maybe Agatha Harkness will be the nanny.

    I’m assuming that Harkness is still dead; remember, she was re-retconned into being a reanimated corpse in “Avengers Disassembled.”

    The “nanny” topic is absurd, in more than one way, since the prime historical objection to having kids in superhero stories was that they’d interfere with the action. Secondary concerns were marriage being boring, and having the kids perpetually young.

    If caring for Danielle Jones Cage requires a character just for that, how is she better than the albatrosses Marvel Editorial generally envisioned children as being? If having Cage and Jones married is fine, why was having Peter and Mary Jane married terrible? The readerships for the Spider-Man and Avengers titles aren’t that different.

    I’d like to see Brevoort explain what makes Danielle Jones Cage a good character.


  3. Oh golly, Bendis gets ANOTHER Marvel title to write! Yay! (note sarcasm.)

    I’m seriously NOT one of those crazy Marvel haters out there, but I honestly think it might be time to move past the Quesada/Bendis age. I’m just tired of Bendis writing half of Marvel’s titles (ok, a slight exaggeration) and half of that half not written well. And Quesada has done a lot of good for the company, but I’m sorta over all the gimmicks.

  4. Synsidar: I would assume his answer would point to the way threats against her made Cage lash out during Secret Invasion and the post-#50 issues of New Avengers. If you can’t hurt a man physically, you hurt him emotionally, and she’s the conduit to do that. Which isn’t to say that she’s been used well in doing that, but that it at least gives her the potential to influence Luke and Jessica’s story in interest ways.

  5. Get used to it Nathan, I don’t see their regime ending anytime soon, not when they’re still selling books like hotcakes…

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