The Marvel Studios “Creative Committee” is reportedly dissolved

Marvel Studios

While the films under the Marvel Studios banner have proven to be enormously popular with moviegoers (even in what’s presumed to be an “off” year for the studio, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man are both currently in the Top 10 grossing films of 2015), there’s no doubt that there are certain creative difficulties behind the […]


Borderlands movie on the way from Lionsgate and Take-Two


Another videogame is heading to the screen–this time, Borderlands, a FPS game is set in a comics-inspired SF universe. Avi Arad and Ari Arad, who certainly have a lot os experience with comics-inspired films, are making it with Lionsgate. The game was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K, a division of Take-Two Interactive […]


Marvel has entered into talks with Mads Mikkelsen to join Doctor Strange


I seem to recall a few years back that Marvel Studios was really hot on getting Mads Mikkelsen on-board with one of their productions, to the point where he was cast as Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, but had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with the then-debuting Hannibal. Given what Christopher Eccleston […]


Check Out Who’ll Be Fighting Whom in “Captain America: Civil War”


Some big news came out of Marvel Studios today as they unveiled some concept art from next year’s Captain America: Civil War.  The art confirms the members of each side in the film’s hero on hero war and gives us some new information about the movie’s major players. Of note is Agent 13 Sharon Carter, who made her […]


Troubled Warners exec finds comfort in watching Batman v Superman over and over again


Last week The Hollywood Reporter ran a succinct piece about Warner Bros. and its current box office woes. Behind a string of flops and under performers like Hot Pursuit, Vacation, Magic Mike XXL (it’s a classic folks), and The Man from U.N.C.L.E., WB is finishing #3 for the summer for the second year in a […]


Review: American Ultra asks “What if Jason Bourne was a stoner?”


Sometimes films take on heavy concepts: life, death, space, time travel. Other times, they take a simpler approach. Sure, it’s hard to argue that American Ultra is doing anything profound or meaningful, but it’s also hard not to have fun with a movie where the primary question seems to be: What if Jason Bourne was a neurotic pothead? […]


Michael Shannon reveals an odd detail about Batman v Superman


I might get a little spoiler-y here, perhaps, so steer clear if you want to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with fresh eyes. If you saw the trailer for the film that was released at SDCC, you’ll notice one detail that caught some by surprise was the inclusion of Michael Shannon‘s Zod being […]


D23 showcases big reveals for both Marvel and Star Wars

Star Wars Rogue One

I’m not at D23 this weekend, and I’ll reserve any of the “on the scene” impressions for Beat contributors Alex Jones and Victor Van Scoit, who are both there in person. But that doesn’t mean I won’t report on the biggest announcements that are worthy of attention and discussion, and when it comes to Disney […]


Review: The End of the Tour captures the relationship between creators and their creations


The End of the Tour is probably the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a Matryoshka Russian dolls analogy put to paper. It isn’t “meta”, nor does it contain literal stories within stories, but it’s a work that is only birthed out of the ones that came before it. The outer shell is of course […]


We now have our first look at Black Panther on the set of Captain America: Civil War


On the set of Captain America: Civil War (aka Avengers 2.5 basically), which is now filming in Germany, an intrepid photographer got the first live-action shot of the Black Panther costume that the public has seen thus far. The below photo is clearly a stuntman, but it at least gives you an idea of what […]


Tom Hardy is developing 100 Bullets for New Line


It was just a few months back that Tom Hardy had hinted that he was working on a DC Comics adaptation, with all kinds of guesses flying around as to what he could have been referring to. Planetary? The Invisibles? Hitman? Per THR, we now have an answer, as they report that Hardy is set […]


Trank Sank: Fantastic Four blame flies after poor box office showing


About the one element not being blamed for the Fantastic Four’s meagre $26.2M opening is superhero box office fatigue. The film opened at #2, and was the worst “opening frame” for a superhero film since Green Lantern. And the finger of the blame game is being posted squarely at director Josh Trank, with the Wrap […]


Josh Trank implies that you can blame the studio for Fantastic Four


Fantastic Four opens today (technically last night), and the reception that’s greeted the film has been venomous. I didn’t like it either, but I don’t think it’s “9% on Rotten Tomatoes bad”. After seeing the film a week ago, the question that immediately sprung to my mind was: how much of this film represented director Josh […]


Review: Fantastic Four, a case of botched vision colliding with studio demands


In the current mold of superhero film-making, it’s difficult to escape the prevailing wisdom of how studios formulate their respective franchises. There’s the Marvel method, which embraces the colorful comic tones and inherent silliness of the medium, but at its worst can lead to tedium. The efforts of other studios (Fox, WB, Sony) in recent […]


The Deadpool trailer brings R-rated superhero action to the cinemaplex


A version of this trailer debuted at SDCC, but now you too can get a glimpse at what just a few thousand got to see in person a few weeks ago (unless you watched a bootleg cam recording). Debuting on tonight’s “Conan”, here’s the red-band, very R-rated, Deadpool trailer:


Our latest crisis is over, Channing Tatum will be Gambit after all


Just like Alexander posited a few days ago, it turns out that Channing Tatum was indeed undergoing a bit of public negotiating regarding his upcoming role in the X-Men spin-off, Gambit. Today, THR reports that the Magic Mike star has signed on the dotted line to play the kinetic card-wielding Cajun mutant. According to their […]