August Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Revealed


Warner Bros. gives details on what Arkham Knight owners can add in August. 1989 Movie Batmobile Pack: Battle through the streets of Gotham City with this pack that includes the Batman skin and Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film, as well as two tracks inspired by the film’s sequel. The Bat-family Skins Pack: Included in […]

Suicide Squad’s Sizzle Reel in Glorious 1080p!

suicide squad full photo

With a huge frown on their collective entity’s face and a couple of stiletto-wearing foot stomps to boot, Warner Bros. has released an official copy of the Suicide Squad sizzle reel that leaked after being shown at a panel during SDCC.  The trailer comes with a statement: “Warner Bros. Pictures and our anti-piracy team have […]

SDCC’15: Leaked Footage From Suicide Squad, Deadpool

COMIC-CON OFFICIAL DESIGN _558e09cc8e22d1.21224824

It’s circling the internet and causing tons of applause and a bit or rage. Before it’s pulled from the internet, watch footage from Hall H presentations at SDCC.   Suicide Squad Click Here Deadpool Leaked by the professionals at Warner Bros, the Batman V Superman trailer    

SDCC ’15: Exclusive Batman Vs. Superman Signing Footage


Today the DC Entertainment booth hosted a signing featuring the stars of Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  DC All Access had exclusive footage from the event:

SDCC ’15: DC Announces ANOTHER Earth One Title, AQUAMAN!


To follow up on our earlier announcement that Joe Michael Straczynski would be penning Flash: Earth One, DC just announced that Francis Manapul would be writing AND drawing Aquaman: Earth One.  The news comes from DC’s Meet the Co-Publishers Panel, and the book will be released in 2016.

SDCC ’15: DC Announces Flash: Earth One Graphic Novel


Joe Michael Straczynski, author of several Before Watchmen titles and Superman: Earth Vol. 2, just announced that he was signed by DC to write Flash: Earth One.  This will be the fifth entry in the Earth One series of books.

SDCC ’15: Bruce Timm and cast discuss the darkness, risks, and rewards of Justice League: Gods & Monsters


Traditionally, films starring Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman start off with an imbued sense of goodwill towards the team’s protagonists. But Alan Burnett, the writer and producer of Justice League: Gods & Monsters, has just one concern about the heroes of this film.

“They are not likable in the beginning,” he said. “I don’t know how the audience is going to respond to that.”

SDCC ’15: CW’s The Flash Casts Jay Garrick & Patty Spivot, Zoom to be Main Villain


Today, Warner Bros and The CW confirmed some news about the upcoming second season of The Flash.  First off, they’ve announced that Zoom will be the premiere villain of the arc. Shantel VanSanten has been cast as Patty Spivot, a “police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen.” Finally, Teddy Sears has […]

SDCC ’15: CW’s Arrow Gets a Wardrobe Upgrade


Tonight, the CW debuted a new look for Stephen Amell’s Arrow.  The Green avatar of justice will be rocking some sweet new gauntlets and showing off those biceps for season four. No word on whether or not his wardrobe is a junkie.  Season four premieres on October 7th.

SDCC ’15: CW Seed Debuts Animated “Vixen” Trailer, Series Set in Network’s Flash/Arrow Shared Universe


Today, we got our first look at the trailer for Vixen, an animated series that will share a chronology and characters with the live action The Flash and Arrow series currently airing on the CW.  Megalyn Echikunwoke will voice the titular character while The Flash’s and Green Arrow’s actors crossover from the realm of physical acting to give […]

SDCC ’15: Grant Morrison Announces “Multiversity Too” and New Batman: Black and White GNs

Multiversity 1_FPO

Today at DC’s Multiversity panel, The Multiversity mastermind Grant Morrison revealed his future plans for the DCU. In addition to writing Wonder Woman: Earth 2, which is scheduled for release this year, Morrison announced Multiversity Too, a brand new line of graphic novels that will spin out of the work he did on his groundbreaking nine issue series this […]

SDCC ’15: NEW Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer from Hall H Panel!!!!


Check out full panel coverage here.

SDCC ’15: News from the EPIC WB Panel; GREEN LANTERN CORPS Movie Announced, Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman Footage!


Today, Warner Bros. filled SDCC’s main stage to capacity.  This is the convention capstone moment everyone has been waiting for.  Prior to the con, Marvel more or less waved the white flag preemptively, choosing to let DC’s film slate have its moment in the sun.  It was an apt decision, considering what’s transpired… The panel […]

SDCC ’15: Milestone Returns to DC Comics — UPDATED


Announced at a press breakfast this morning, Milestone is coming back from DC as Earth M. The 90s imprint that promoted comics diversity long before it was fashionable will include a book written by Reggie Hudlin and drawn by Jim Lee, but the imprint plans to release up to two graphic novels each year and a […]

SDCC ’15 Interview: Mark Russell talks Prez, Politics, and Taco Drones

Prez #1

By Harper W. Harris Of all the new DCYou titles that have come out so far, Prez by Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell may be my favorite. It takes a sharp, satirical look at the future and the American political process in a way that is a bit shocking to see in a DC comic […]

SDCC ’15: DC Comics Meets Lego Arts


By Nick Eskey “Lego” is the toy that let’s allows kids and adult to build from premade manuals, or to create out of their imaginations. Complete miniature sized cities, even worlds, can be made. But what about a something larger than life?   Nathan Sawaya is the artist behind the nationwide touring exhibit “The Art […]