Comics Detective: Todd Klein has nearly solved that big DC Comics Christmas party photo from 1945


Just before Christmas, I ran a picture tweeted by DC Comics of the 1945 DC Christmas party, with many figures from comics history—from artist Joe Kubert to publisher Harry Donenfeld —in the room. The photo conveyed a palpable sense of the past brought to life, the clinking of glasses, the laughter of women, the camaraderie of the still young industry. And now Letterer/historian Todd Klein has identified as many of the people in the photo as possible.

DC announces Free Comic Book Day offerings


DC’s Free Comic Book Day books have just been annoucned and they are pretty crafty: DC SUper HEro Girls and Suicide Squad. The former hits the target demo that DC is seeking to build up (kids, girls) and has strong licensing partner support; Suicide Squad should get more mainstream recognition with the movie coming out […]

Movie Justice League unites in new promo with the Flash and Cyborg


Ahead of tonight’s Dawn of the Justice league special, WB/DC has released a promo piece with the WHOLE Justice League together (minus Green Lantern). They also released Wonder Woman’s logo. Wow that movie comes out NEXT YEAR! The hoopla is to celebrate tonight’s paid political announcement special. Fire up the DVR. “DC FILMS PRESENTS: DAWN […]

DC Announces Additional Harley Quinn Mini: HARLEY QUINN AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS


What’s that? It’s the sound of DC getting ready to publish another comic book featuring Harley Quinn. This new comic is a mini-series with writing duties from Frank Tieri (Catwoman) and Jimmy Palmiotti (mastermind of the main Harley Quinn comic book.) The interior art is drawn by Mauricet (a Belgian artist known for The Crossovers) […]