The Circus of Crime Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Picks for 6/10/15


All week long The Beat has been covering all facets of the comic book industry and attempting to secure our own doors away from the various comics characters who attempt to breach the domain in which we all live under one roof: The Stately Beat Manor. Together, members of the Manor bolted down each window, […]

DC’s Special Edition NYC Panel Roundup, Sponsored by Twix


This past weekend, DC took over a panel room at Special Edition NYC to discuss their DC YOU relaunch titles.  Panelists included Gotham Academy writer Becky Cloonan, Midnighter writer Steve Orlando, Action Comics writer Greg Pak, Black Canary artist Annie Wu, Black Canary writer Brendan Fletcher, and Constantine: the Hellblazer co-writer Ming Doyle.  While no new titles were announced, the panelists […]

A Month Of Venturing Into The “DC You”: Week One

Just League 41

With the New 52 coming to a close this month, and the birth of what is being dubbed in ads as the “DC You” initiative, DC Comics’ more creator focused relaunch of their entire line; I decided to try out every issue released this month by the publisher. As a long-time DC fanatic, this is […]

WB Film exec: “The filmmakers … are making great movies about superheroes; they aren’t making superhero movies.”


Warner Bros film head Greg Silverman was interviewed for The Hollywood Reporter about the ongoing Harry Potter and Lego franchises and, oh yes, the DC movies. As as usual the “how are you different from Marvel?” question comes up. And it’s all about master filmmakers, perhaps a meow about Marvel’s more generic—and massively successful—take?

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: April 2015 – This comics company took off two months to move across the country, and you won’t believe what happened next!


by David Carter

Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at DC’s sales figures.

Last month (March 2015) was the worst month for DC sales since the start of the New 52, but this month was quite a turnaround!

Convergence has turned out to be a sales success for DC: Each issue of the core weekly Convergence title sold over 110K (though note that each issue was returnable…) The first issue of each Convergence tie-in title sold between 30K & (nearly) 70K, with most in the 30K to 40K range. While 30K – 40K might not seem like a lot, compare that to the fact that in March there were twenty-four regular DCU titles that sold below 30K. So essentially the Convergence event resulted in DC lopping off the lower end of their DCU sales and replacing them with moderately-selling comics, which rises the average sales considerably. Not bad for a stunt that was allegedly conceived simply as a way to give DC’s regular editorial team a two-month break to move across the country to their new West Coast headquarters!

Batman: Arkham Knight gets a Harley Quinn Trailer

Batman - Arkham Knight (2015-) 004-000

na na na na na na na Harley!

DC’s in-story ads only to destroy comics for a month…so far


The facing page Twix ad is only a one-off…but it is enough to destroy the comics industry as we know it?

UPDATED: DC to Begin Placing Ads on Story Pages


UPDATE 2:  According to sources inside DC, the half-page ads will only appear in books releasing this June.  This makes the advertising experiment concurrent with the Divergence relaunch of DC’s comic line. UPDATE: An earlier version of the article indicated that Chris was upset with the job DC did integrating the art with the advertising. […]

Convergence #8 Marks the first steps of Divergence in the DCU


So…while you were away DC Comics just shifted their Multiversity concept. I know, I know, DC does this all the time. The last specific instance being in 1985, when this whole Crisis business first started. However, yesterday’s Convergence #8 revealed the publisher’s ulterior motives for the event. Spoilers for Convergence #8. This might sound completely ridiculous, but […]

WTGB: Ellie in Borderlands? Mad Max, Batman Beyond, and Who Wants to be a Cat?


We talk about Ashley Johnson coming to Borderlands, Mad Max, a new remaster from Capcom, and becoming a cat in gaming. Oh yeah there’s some Secret Wars codes here too.

Matter-Eater Lad Visits the Stately Beat Manor Staff Comics Pull: 5/20/15


The Beat Staff has been…busy lately with two events going on and the Ultimate Universe coming to an end (sort of) this week. All of us that write here at The Beat live at the Stately Beat Manor where our heads are stuck in the printed page from early morning to late in the day. […]

DC unveils “DC You” marketing campaign


There had to be a reason the new West Coast Dc hired all those branding, licensing and content managers. It’s to create a new branding message and it is…”DC You.” Which sounds like it might be an insult but is really a way of saying that these comics are for YOU. The new DCyou url is […]

WTGB: E3 2015 Predictions “Let the free T-shirts fly”


A few E3 2015 predictions and some Secret Wars giveaways.

First Look at Legends of Tomorrow the new Flash/Arrow spinoff


As TV’s upfronts continue, the CW is doubling down on its DC related program with Legends of Tomorrow, the recently announced show set in the Flash/Arrow-verse. Her’es a look at Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/The Atom, Victor Garber as Martin Stein, Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave, Ciara Renée […]

WTGB: No Telltale Walking Dead in 2015? DC Universe Online Adds New Content! More Assassin’s Creed!


DC Universe Online adds New Gods, Telltale Games halts the zombie apocalypse, and more Assassin’s Creed.

Walking the Game Beat: Batgirl Confirmed and Voices Revealed, Nintendo Theme Parks, Fallout 4 at E3?


Babs confirmed and Nintendo will put you on an actual ride in the future.