On the road again

Yet another travel day! After a few days in LA, old man bars of Burbank, real pico de gallo, insanely fresh sushi at hole in the wall strip malls, agency assholes yapping on their headsets while they cut you off, late night conversations where everyone shares the unique and painful way in which they were […]

The Last days of Rocketship

Brian Heater talks to Rocketship co-owner Alex Cox ; the store is now really, truly closed. “Our lease came up,” Cox tells me, “and we realized that we were either going to do this another five to 10 years, at which point it becomes a CAREER, in big letters, or not sign on again and […]

Friends of Lulu to end in September

Valerie D’Orazio, the president of Friends of Lulu for the last three years, has announced on her blog that due to financial problems, personnel problems, and her own lack of will to keep it going almost single-handedly, the organization for women comics readers and creators will be forced to shut down in four weeks: If […]

SD11: Preview Night 2011 already sold out

The North County Times reports that 15,000 tickets for Preview Night 2011 sold out by 3 pm on the Sunday of this year’s con. Is this a convention or a U2 concert??? The sellout left some people sad and frustrated, just like they will be next year:

Bill Harris of San Diego, who’s been going to Comic-Con since the 1970s, was walking the huge expo hall on Friday when he noticed the queue.

What we’re doing now

We are working. We are reading up on all the Nerdmageddon posts and douchebag rallies and everything, and working on a con report which hopefully will be up Friday morning. Can’t be done sooner, alas. Tomorrow is another travel day. Today, more meetings.

We honestly don’t think anyone gave a flying frak about Comic-Con by, oh about 4 pm Monday morning. Indeed the entertainment press has already moved on as everyone licks their wounds and starts fretting about getting a hotel room for NEXT year’s con.

Meanwhile, we’ve been looking at produce, and the fun piñatas that adorn them. Los Angeles: a world apart.

Marvel announces TRON: THE BETRAYAL periodicals

If you were wondering when Marvel would start working with Disney on more Disney-themed comics, the answer is now, as a two-issue TRON follow-up series has just been announced. The two-issue mini will serialize the graphic novel being published by Disney itself. Details in the PR: Marvel is proud to announce TRON: The Betrayal, a […]

SD10: The Final frontier

As images of SD10 filter out, the defining one has yet to manifest itself, but in this image of a woman helping her Iron Man-themed friend pee into a bottle, we have a fetish-palooza: water sports, mascots, bondage, superheroes. No wonder Comic-Con is all things to all people. But the one message that this image […]