As images of SD10 filter out, the defining one has yet to manifest itself, but in this image of a woman helping her Iron Man-themed friend pee into a bottle, we have a fetish-palooza: water sports, mascots, bondage, superheroes. No wonder Comic-Con is all things to all people. But the one message that this image inspires is the one that all of Con should remember: friendship. When a costume restricts arm motion to the point you can’t unzip your fly, may you always have a buddy to hold the bottle, if you know what we mean.


  1. I was rather thinking husband and wife rather than friends. It’s a bit… personal for friendship, ya think?

  2. She is clearing carrying a baby in a Bjorn on her chest, which means that she’s pretty familiar with getting peed on.

  3. Now you know what the Mark II costume used in the movie was made of rubber.

    Also, Tony Stark addressed this very issue in the last movie, right before the slobberknocker birthday fight with War Machine.

  4. Was the woman red-haired?

    IRON MAN. Maybe she was just cosplaying Pepper “Piss” Potts. Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing he got her doing…