If you were wondering when Marvel would start working with Disney on more Disney-themed comics, the answer is now, as a two-issue TRON follow-up series has just been announced. The two-issue mini will serialize the graphic novel being published by Disney itself. Details in the PR:

Marvel is proud to announce TRON: The Betrayal, a new two-issue limited series serializing the highly anticipated graphic novel from Disney Publishing Worldwide, tying into Walt Disney Pictures’ high-tech adventure TRON: Legacy, which hits U.S. theaters in Disney Digital 3D™  and IMAX 3D® on December 17, 2010.  The limited two-issue series arrives in October and serves as a prequel to TRON: Legacy.  Each extra-sized issue of TRON: The Betrayal features a new cover by superstar artist Salvador Larroca (Invincible Iron Man).  Featuring art and stories by some of the top names in comics today, this all-new story extends upon the mythology of the world of TRON. 

The storytelling picks up in the aftermath of Walt Disney Pictures’ first film in its franchise TRON.  Kevin Flynn is now in charge of Encom, the world’s largest video game company.  Kevin, a break-through game developer, has built the Grid, a digital world filled with living programs.  This new virtual world is about to develop a life of its own and, in order to control it, Flynn’s going to need to help of an old friend…named Tron.

“Marvel Publishing is excited to bring Disney Book Group’s first TRON graphic novel to comic book fans in this limited series,” said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Marvel Senior Vice President, Development & Planning, Print, Animation and Digital Media. “So whether you’re new to TRON or a longtime fan, TRON: The Betrayal is an action-packed thrill-ride that will not disappoint!”


  1. So, instead of Marvel serializing their Marvel Super Specials (which were graphic albums), they are serializing graphic novels.

    According to Books In Print, the graphic novel (9781423134633) will be 128 pages and sell for $9.99. list the publication date as October 19, 2010.

    Will the two issues be 64 pages each? Will each sell for $4.99 or less? If not, then why purchase the issues?

    Granted, the two issues might be sold on newsstands. Plus there will probably be an app. Collectors might buy the issues, especially with the “variant” covers.

  2. Is it a sign that the production of the miniseries was driven by Disney’s publicity department when the PR doesn’t even name the writers and artists? See TRON: LEGACY and get the comics to keep as souvenirs. Reading the comics is optional.


  3. It could be that the final book isn’t finished.

    It could be that Disney considers this something like a movie adaptation, and that the creatives involved don’t matter that much.

    It could be that Disney’s DNA encourages them to ignore creative talent.

    It could be that Disney Books hasn’t perfected the marketing of their graphic novels. (For example, did anyone notice Todd McFarlane’s cover for “Prince of Persia”? When was the last time he did any Work For Hire?)