This year’s edition is guest edited by Neil Gaiman, who tweeted this cover.


  1. That’s a nice badass cover. Dramatic. Rescued from one of the 10-cent plague’s book burnings…

    Hey look! Scott Pilgrim #4 got left in the pile! Well, I guess the book’s not called “Best Canadian Comics.”

  2. Love the Best American Series and it never really has bothered me Marvel/DC doesn’t allow their work to be included. Think the series works when it’s showing me writers and artists I’m not familar with. Really liked Pekar’s edited edition.

  3. There is usually a list of “honorary mentions” in the back… either stories which didn’t make the grade, or stories from sources which didn’t allow work to be reprinted.

    I’ve seen some DC work in the back, but can’t recall Marvel.

  4. I always pick one of these up, even though it’s a lot of the same creators from year to year and the superhero genre is conspicuous in its absence (though turnabout is fair play, I suppose). There’s always a lot of stuff I can’t stand and/or don’t understand, but there’s always something I haven’t been exposed to. Last year’s volume felt a bit thin; hopefully this will be a bit heftier volume.

  5. Hm. Might actually pick this up with Neil at the helm. The library of the school where I teach gets these, I read them and am almost always disappointed. Some of the stuff in the Barry and Brunetti volumes interested me, but overall I found the series incredibly lacking in variety and in no way representative of the scope of the art form.
    But Neil…hmmm….