As we wait for the Beatrix to recover from her annual pilgrimage to San Diego, here are some other websites, and their consolidated reportage on Comic-Con International: San Diego.

These are some of my favorites, and some I could remember.  The list is not comprehensive, merely a distraction while we wait for Heidi to return.

So first, Wired. It’s one of my favorites, as I know every day there will be one or two articles which will catch my interest. It is the Comic-Con of websites, offering geeky goodness as well as serious reportage. There’s a variety of blogs and topics covered, even an automotive blog!  However, Wired’s search engine is useless.  You would be better off using Google to search their site.



(That’s an actual Darth Vader mask, sold at CCI:SD`09 to raise funds for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.)

Game Life

Comic Book Resources was out in force at Comic-Con, and did an incredible job of reporting on all stuff comics!  (Although even they missed the DC Writers panel on Thursday.)

Comic Book Resources main page

Robot 6

Spinoff Online
(No tag for CCI:SD, but their posts are preceded by “CCI: ”)

Newsarama was also there!

As well as traditional media!

Associated Press Images (lots of great photos, mostly of celebrities in Hall H, but some excellent cosplay photos as well, like the one at left. Remember, it’s fun until somebody loses an eyeball, then it’s funny. And if you’re a hip comics fan, you’ll use a fulchau.)

Associated Press News


USA Today has an easy-to-use Comic-Con banner which breaks coverage down by day, but I can’t link to it. Try either link below, it will probably show up.

The New York Times


Bleeding Cool, which really took the piss out of everyone else with some great reportage, covering the stuff others were too squeamish or scared to cover!

One rumor: MTV will soon start a comics site. Until then, go check out:

MTV Movies Blog, a general wrap-up, and, of course, MTV Splash Page (which has no CCI tag).


Speakeasy, at the Wall Street Journal

Local paper San Diego Union-Tribune

The LA Weekly reports on the Hall H experience, which includes what I’m calling “The Bic Stick Incident”.

And, of course, Publishers Weekly.  They don’t have a CCI tag, but they do cover comics all year long, not like those johnny-come-latelys who just discovered how cool comics are. They even sent a romance writer to blog her experiences!


  1. Thanks for the links!

    I shall be perusing them, along with the usual comic-blogs suspects, over the next couple of days to read on all the things I missed while I was off having my own SDCC ’10 experiences…

    /ascending back to post-Con ‘normalcy’

  2. DC recorded all their panels (when I asked questions, the Boom mike guy was all over me). The Morrison panel was awesome, wasn’t it? “I took the liberty, sir….”

  3. I’ve been posting bits and pieces all week at two blogs plus Flickr. The Flash-related stuff at Speed Force is done, as are my photos, but I’m still adding more panel write-ups and daily reports. I’ve put together an index of all my Comic-Con coverage at K-Squared Ramblings.