Drinky Crow Fight Scene!

Let’s get this weekend started right with an extended clip of The Drinky Crow Show at Funny or Die. Be sure to vote Funny…unless you are like, an UnAmerican pinko commie loser or something. Tony Millionaire reminds us that if you REALLY want to see MORE Drinky Crow — and who wouldn’t? — you need […]

Free Comic Book Day May 5th 2007

Proving the adage that “If it will work for ice cream, it will work for a comic book”, Free Comic Book Day dawns tomorrow May 5th 2007. With respect and interest in the comcis medium rising worldwide. this day has become the kind of PR bonanza long dreamed of by its organizers. You can go […]

FCBD TO DO: CAPE this weekend

Wow are we all Texas-centric or what? In Dallas CAPE will be taking place, and it sounds like a hoot with a Big Gay Brunch and everything: DAY 1 (Friday May 4, 2007 9pm – 2pm) CAPE’s Live Art Show and comic artist jam is not to be missed. Come party with some of the […]

MYSPACE previews Countdown

DC recently announced a big pact with MySpace, the social networking site that is increasingly getting involved with comics. Today the pact erupts in a joyous union, as COUNTDOWN, the eagerly awaited new weekly comics from DC, is previewed at the main MySpace comics portal. There’s also a new DCNation profile to befriend. This is […]


There is so much stuff going on WORLDWIDE for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, we don’t have a chance of listing more than a few of them. But here’s one At AUSTIN BOOKS, in Texas, a free mini STAPLE: This weekend is Free Comic Book Day and we’ve actually outgrown our existing space. So, we’ll […]

Comics Bestsellers: by the numbers

There’s been a lot of talk lately about comics on various bestsellers lists, and of course, comics have their OWN bestseller list at Publishers Weekly. While manga has been quite rightly noted for its dominance of the charts, there is a new comics bestselller that hasn’t been much noted: a collection of Jeff Kenney’s DIARY […]

Quick Hits

§ San Diego Comic-con board member and hubby indicted in crazy-ass $7.7 million stock scam: The arrest has nothing to do with the con, but the duo WERE imaginative: Vencent Donlan, reportedly a former Navy pilot, and Robin Donlan, a volunteer vice president of events for Comic-Con International, are both science fiction fans. They were […]

Personally, we’ve always been a Hanley’s girl

But George Gene Gustines’ Free Comic Book Day Preview in the New York Times (!) gives a reason to check out Midtown for some: Chuck McKinney, 41, a voice-over actor and Web cartoonist, loves Midtown Comics. “The store is big, clean, well stocked and organized; and everyone gets a discount,” he wrote in an e-mail […]

Arad: Fanboys like a beautiful, passionate woman

Wired interviews Avi Arad, tagging him “the Man Who Launched the Superhero Craze”, an dmention she was on the 10 City Spider-Man premiere tour, but not that he doesn’t actually work for Marvel any more. The entire interview is interesting, but we’ll pick one of the more bizarre call-outs just because that’s how we roll: […]