But George Gene Gustines’ Free Comic Book Day Preview in the New York Times (!) gives a reason to check out Midtown for some:

Chuck McKinney, 41, a voice-over actor and Web cartoonist, loves Midtown Comics. “The store is big, clean, well stocked and organized; and everyone gets a discount,” he wrote in an e-mail message. “And best of all there are lots of hot, ethnic straight guys to check out while I’m buying my comics.”

Gustines checks out comics shops in ALL FIVE BURROUGHS if you can believe it. Truly, it was an epic journey and the valkyries shall long sing his praises.


  1. All five boroughs is a trek. I hit every Manhattan store on the list, even the little collectible stores. Midtown Comics has the best, giving out a stack. Hanley’s holds lots of signings. Even Barnes & Noble will hold an event for educators and everyone else at their Lincoln Center store. (No free comics, but refreshments will be served.)

  2. I’ll always love Hanley’s but have to admit Midtown has really clean up and organized itself nicely over the past two years. Seems like they’ve taken a cue from Rocketship with their nice wooden bookshelfs and kids graphic novel section right up front (after the wacky video section that is)