200705041125Wired interviews Avi Arad, tagging him “the Man Who Launched the Superhero Craze”, an dmention she was on the 10 City Spider-Man premiere tour, but not that he doesn’t actually work for Marvel any more. The entire interview is interesting, but we’ll pick one of the more bizarre call-outs just because that’s how we roll:

Arad: The internet is the first thing you read in the morning and the last thing you read at night. It’s not three guys in Boston anymore — it’s a large community, a passionate community. Sometimes they kill us with impatience. Sometimes we agree, sometimes we disagree. But (technology is a) valuable tool, and I would say that it’s really a very good representative of the real world, and not just a bunch of geeks with nothing else to do.

WN: The fanboys must drive you nuts.

Arad: Of course, but that’s the point. When a woman’s madly in love with you, she can make you crazy, but there’s something compelling about this passion, passion that sometimes comes with a death threat.

In other Marvel movie news, Liv Tyler has been cast as Betty Ross opposite Ed Norton’s Bruce Banner in the Hulk 2 movie.


  1. Actually, the first internet was a few guys in Boston, Palo Alto, and Berkeley.
    And has someone been mailing dead rodents to Avi?