§ San Diego Comic-con board member and hubby indicted in crazy-ass $7.7 million stock scam: The arrest has nothing to do with the con, but the duo WERE imaginative:

Vencent Donlan, reportedly a former Navy pilot, and Robin Donlan, a volunteer vice president of events for Comic-Con International, are both science fiction fans. They were married in March 2002 in a “Star Trek”-themed Las Vegas ceremony that was featured in an article in Las Vegas Weekly. Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer said yesterday that Robin Donlan has been involved with the group for many years. He said he didn’t know anything about the fraud allegations against the couple.

§ Newsarama interviewers sometimes don’t have much sense of humor, or else we’ve become awfully, awfully jaded.

Kyle Baker: I plan to do a year-long miniseries which interconnects the storylines of every cartoon character I’ve ever created, from Cowboy Wally to Nat Turner, weaving my output of the last 20 years into a single cohesive universe which will become very dark, realistic and depressing as I kill off the less popular characters I don’t use any more. I’ll also kill off one of the more popular characters for a year, then bring him or her back to life in a different costume.

NRAMA: Again, a joke?

Kyle and his adorable (above) family are also profiled in The Villager.

§ Emma Wattson (Hermione) experiences a growth spurt in her chest area for IMAX 3D.


  1. It’s definitely the IMAX version that’s retouched – it’s not just the chest, but the retouching done below it as well, to give her a curvy waist area which doesn’t even make anatomical sense considering the angle of the pose.