There is so much stuff going on WORLDWIDE for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, we don’t have a chance of listing more than a few of them. But here’s one At AUSTIN BOOKS, in Texas, a free mini STAPLE:

This weekend is Free Comic Book Day and we’ve actually outgrown our existing space. So, we’ll be setting up off site for this event. Well, kinda.

Our landlord is letting us use the space at the end of the building. It’s carpeted, Air Conditioned and much more space than we’ll need. So, want to sell your wares? We’ll have available space for roughly 20-25 people to set up (kinda like STAPLE!) for FREE. Totally FREE. We have tables, chairs and tons of people through the door (approximately 700-1000). Only it’s on short notice — sorry about that.

Space will be allocated on a first come / first serve basis. And, since we haven’t tried to lay out the tables yet, we don’t exactly know how many we’ll be able to fit. But, seriously, this is a great opportunity to sell your books.

The Austin Books & Comics FCBD starts at 8am and ends at 7pm. You may come and go as you please. If you want a space, show up early. Please bring any table signage that you will need along with the standard “show fare” of pens, paper, etc. Also, since we are giving away our comics in this space, you will need to clearly mark your books as NOT FREE (unless you want to give them away).

Oh, and we’ll NOT be taking any cut of your sales. Like I said, FREE.